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Web Sites and Services

Website based tools include form based catalog services such VizieR. Web services are the application programming interfaces to the same resources that enable queries to be made from other applications or programming languages.  Web services are often exposed by the providers in documentation and may capture all, more or fewer of the capabilities of the website portal.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications include visualization and analysis tools that interact with the networked resources to execute queries and retrieve data.  Some have been built explicitly for virtual observatory tasks; others have been retrofitted using the APIs to enable such queries.

Social Networking

Social networking resources include tools for research collaboration and websites that tap the collective knowledge of the online astronomical community to support or aide astronomical research online.  Examples include those that aggregate information about data/resources in a wiki like format (including the present website),  discussion boards, and question and answer websites.


Resources that support the publication and citation of data and literature include search portals (such as ADS), tools and "how to" websites for sharing or publishing data or other results, and  tools for writing papers.