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Expo of Online Astronomy tools (aka, a VO expo)

posted Nov 30, 2010, 10:22 AM by August Muench   [ updated Dec 15, 2010, 9:34 AM ]
We are holding our "VO Expo" tomorrow morning (1 Dec, 9am-noon) in Phillips Auditorium.  We will be covering the role of the CfA VO User group for scientists (and for tool developers) and having a series of demos of new tools for online astronomy research. This blog post will be the long term webpage for archiving the Expo.  

We will be using the CfA (realmedia) stream to webcast the expo.   @augustmuench will be watching #voexpo for questions.

Our detailed schedule is:

8:45 -- 9:15 Coffee and Warmup
9:15 -- 9:20 Introduction (A. Muench)
9:20 -- 9:35 State of US Virtual Astronomical Observatory (G. Fabbiano)
9:35 -- 9:50 The CfA VO User Group (A. Muench)
9:50 -- 12n Talks/Demonstrations (15-20 min each)
  • "Upcoming ADS Features" (A. Accomazzi)
  • "Mining the Chandra Source Catalog" (I. Evans)
  • "VO interoperability, a showcase” (R. D’Abrusco)
  • "It's a dessert topping and a floor wax!" - Integration of the Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) into the standard solar analysis software (A. Davey)
  • "Analysing Spectral Energy Distributions" (J. McDowell)
  • "Sherpa SED Fitting for the VO" (S. Doe)
  • "Access and Analysis of TimeSeries Data" (P. Protopapas) [Canceled]

For the purposes of archive and reuse, we will be posting an e-Handout summarizing (or providing links) to the software, slides, screencasts, webpages and examples mentioned in each demo.  We will also add a link to the archived video stream (Note: the final web address of this video stream may change at some point soon. This link will be updated when that happens.)

CfA VO Expo e-Handout