Best iPhone 6s Plus Contracts

The Good Improved speed, better cameras, always-on Siri, and pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display compared to last year's 6 Plus. And it has slightly better battery life, a bigger higher resolution screen, and optical image stabilization for photos and video that can make a difference.

The Bad It's really big. It costs more than the smaller iPhone. Other phablet-sized phones offer longer battery life.

The Bottom Line The iPhone 6S Plus has a few key advantages that give it an edge for serious iPhone users, but its big body still may not fit for a lot of people.

Yes, this iPhone 6S PLUS and the smaller, iPhone 6S, came out late 2015, so it makes it just a little under four years old now. I got my 6S Plus from a cousin that bought it near the time of release; bought it from him around February 2018.

Honestly, it really does run well, even with the newest updates, right now on iOS12.2. Apps launch well, multitasking is fine, even games run well. I always forget I’m using an old phone because it really doesn’t feel old.

The only comment I’d make is that its battery life may not be as good as newer phones that have higher efficiency processors, meaning they are able to do more work using less battery. Now don’t get me wrong, the battery on this phone is still good for anything of its generation, but with heavy usage, expect to top up the charge by the afternoon or even earlier. 

So, the iPhone 6S series have good processors, but they don’t have high-efficiency cores, so with today’s more advanced apps and more advanced features in iOS, more battery life may be used just from normal usage compared to newer iPhones (or any other phone with high-efficiency cores). Best iPhone deals on the 6S Plus means you are saving money by comparing. 

Buying second hand, right?

As a side-note, I assume you’ll be purchasing the phone secondhand, so, pricing really is a privilege, just make sure all features of the phone works; make sure TouchID, GPS, network connectivity and mobile data, gyroscope (AR apps, or compass), phone calls (calls out and receiving calls - testing the mic - use the voice recorder), speakers, screen (any non-sensitive areas, cracks or display damages) and anything else you can think of, make sure they all work to your satisfaction before making the purchase. 

If you could, changing the battery to a newer one could add a much longer time with the phone. But you can't.