Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the entire Vote Yes Villa Park Library Committee, we would like to thank you for your support in passing the library's recent referendum. This page will close on May 1. We invite everyone to visit and like the Friends of the Villa Park Library's Facebook page at:

The Friends do amazing work in fundraising and supporting many library events and activities. Both the Villa Park Public Library and the Friends of the Villa Park Library will post updates to their Facebook pages about the building project.

Why should you support the Villa Park Public Library referendum on the April 4 ballot? 

·       A YES vote would allow the library to repair or replace existing systems and building components that are not functional, near the end of their useful life, or in need of repair.

·      A YES vote would allow the building to become compliant with current building safety codes and accessibility standards required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, the building has no fire sprinklers and the elevator and collections are not ADA-compliant.

·      A YES vote would provide space to expand services and amenities that the public is asking for, such as a teen area, a vending area and a drive-up book return.

Want to know more? Read below for more information about why the Villa Park Library needs to be repaired, remodeled, and expanded.

Already know you’re voting YES? Here’s How You Can Help:

·       Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on news, events and get information about the Vote Yes Villa Park Library committee.

·       Sign up for a yard sign or to volunteer here.

·       Donate money to the Vote Yes Villa Park Library committee

·       Talk to your friends and neighbors about the referendum

·       Vote YES on April 4 to repair, remodel and expand the Villa Park Library!

Why should you support the April 4 Villa Park Public Library referendum?

Building Repairs are Sorely Needed

·       The building was built in 1969, and many systems and building components are original to the building and need replacement or repair.

·       The HVAC and boiler need replacement due to their age, inefficiency and the expense of having to maintain them.

·       There are plumbing issues due to limited water supply and sanitary sewer capacity to the building.

·       The roof is at the end of its useful life and has already been repaired and patched as much as possible. When there are heavy rains staff need to cover the books with tarps because of the leaking roof. The roof also drains onto sidewalks and common areas, causing hazardous conditions in freezing weather.

·       The building exterior needs structural work, although the building structure is sound.

·       Money will be saved not only by having more efficient systems, but it is cheaper to do all the repair and replacement work at one time.

·       Regular maintenance has been done on all systems and building components – but most of them are old and require replacement rather than “patching” them to make them work a little longer.


The building has to be brought up to current safety and accessibility standards

·       There are no fire sprinklers in the building and the building needs an updated fire protection system

·       The elevator is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A stretcher cannot fit into the elevator, requiring emergency personnel to carry people down 2 flights of stairs if they are injured on the 2nd floor. The existing elevator is inconvenient and difficult to get into if you are in a wheelchair or have a walker or stroller.

·       The building entrance is not ADA-compliant

·       The collections shelving is not ADA-compliant, requiring people in wheelchairs to ask for assistance from staff to retrieve books and materials. In order to make the collections ADA-compliant, more building space is required.


A building expansion is required for ADA compliance, and will allow for expansion of services

·       In addition to the additional space required to make the collections ADA-compliant, the expansion will allow space for additional services and amenities

·       Additional parking would be available

·       A drive-through book return accessible from the car driver side would be available

·       A vending/book sale area would be added

·       Large, flexible community meeting rooms would be added, allowing for different types of programming

·       A quiet reading room would be added

·       More table seating and additional contemporary, comfortable seating would be available

·       A teen area, with expanded collections to appeal to teens, teen-friendly seating and a game area would be added

·       Additional public access computer stations and power outlets would be available


Vote YES on April 4 to Repair, Remodel and Expand YOUR community library!