What can we do?

Tamil Nadu residents have seen political parties competing in giving freebies to different sections of the voters to win the elections.  What do you think of buying votes in the name of freebies?  What do you think of receiving a gas cylinder or a grinder to vote a political party to power?  The politicians SMARTLY schemed the electoral system to gain power with out actually paying you CASH. Do you think election commission should do something about this? 

If you think its time to make a change, please follow these steps:

Amongst this sorry state of affairs, Tamilnadu once again goes to the hustings. As before the two main political parties - DMK and AIADMK - have brought out election manifestos that have nothing to offer in concrete terms to the people except for freebies. This culture of freebies vitiates the spirit of democracy. It also imposes an irrevocable burden on the state exchequer.

Friends, it is time that we - the conscientious citizens of India and voters of Tamilnadu - say a big 'NO' to the culture of corruption and the dishonest promise of freebies by Tamilnadu political parties. Reject their agenda and their brand of politics. Take a stand against their shenanigans. Voice your concern against their perversion of democratic politics.