People Power

There's no way I can match the output or resources of the political parties. But I believe in people power. Please download some of the posters, flyers etc that will be available on this page. Get them everywhere you can*. In your car, in your windows, at local shops, noticeboards, at the school gates.

Let's see if we can get a poster displayed in every street. That'll really rattle the cages of the big 3. In order to win this I need everyone to know that they have a real choice this election. There are about 40,000 or so houses but only 1 of me. 400 of us could reach everyone no problem.

And why not become a walking billboard and wear a "Vote Peter Shields T Shirt" (coming soon). Very stylish!

Sign up to my mailing list please. And subscribe to this page so that you don't miss any ideas - especially some of the 'special events' I have planned! Any time, money or resources you can donate will all be massively appreciated.

* - with permission of course. And electoral law says that the address of the printer must be added to any publicity material.