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People Power

There's no way I can match the output or resources of the political parties. But I believe in people power. Please download some of the posters, flyers etc that will be available on this page. Get them everywhere you can*. In your car, in your windows, at local shops, noticeboards, at the school gates.

Let's see if we can get a poster displayed in every street. That'll really rattle the cages of the big 3. In order to win this I need everyone to know that they have a real choice this election. There are about 40,000 or so houses but only 1 of me. 400 of us could reach everyone no problem.

And why not become a walking billboard and wear a "Vote Peter Shields T Shirt" (coming soon). Very stylish!

Sign up to my mailing list please. And subscribe to this page so that you don't miss any ideas - especially some of the 'special events' I have planned! Any time, money or resources you can donate will all be massively appreciated.

* - with permission of course. And electoral law says that the address of the printer must be added to any publicity material.

Poster #1

posted 14 Apr 2010, 18:18 by Peter Shields

Simple but hopefully effective. This'll be the back page of my postal leaflet.  If you've got a colour printer then it'd be good to print & distribute a few.  Doesn't work quite so well in B&W but it's better than nothing! 
[The usual stuff - it's meant to include the address of where it's printed and only display with property owner's permission]

Desktop wallpaper

posted 13 Apr 2010, 17:56 by Peter Shields   [ updated 14 Apr 2010, 02:00 ]

One of the images that inspires me.  Please feel free to use and distribute

It's actually mirrored so that the iconic part of the image isn't lost under your icons (assuming you have them on the default left hand side of course!).  There's a widescreen and standard screen dimensions.  You'll have to stretch to fit if you've got other resolutions.

Campaign Leaflet #1

posted 13 Apr 2010, 11:39 by Peter Shields   [ updated 13 Apr 2010, 11:49 ]

This is the leaflet that the Royal Mail should be delivering to every household in the constituency.  Feel free to print it off and leave around in the library, staff room, public lavatory's (subject to the proviso's I put at the top of course)!

Please let me have any comments or suggestions. It's high quality so quite a big download.

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