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So what sort of things would we get?

posted 1 May 2010, 15:25 by Peter Shields   [ updated 1 May 2010, 16:47 ]
When ordinary people are given the chance to vote on individual policies, what sort of crazy, crackpot ideas do they support?  Well, if the people of Bradford East are typical of those polled by YouGov then here's what I could end up voting for.  Not crackpot or crazy at all are they?
  • Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU: 59% agree (37% strongly agree and 22% tend to agree) and 31% disagree
  • Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage:  63% in favour and only 15% against
  • Sentencing violent criminals to 'army style' punishment:  78% support with only 11% against
  • Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens: 78% in favour and only 10% against.
  • Establishing 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship: 63% agree with the 10 year rule and 81% that any crime in those 10 years should disqualify someone for Citizenship
  • Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average: Supported by 67% to 14%
  • Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking: 73% support and only 9% against
  • Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control: Approval by 36% to 33%
  • Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure: 47% agree and 19% disagree
  • Change voting system to Direct Proportional Representation:  55% agree and 17% disagree
  • Allow 'Citizens Initiatives' - Referendums on issues with sufficient public support: 70% agree and 15% disagree
This is only to give you an idea of the sorts of things that ordinary people support when GIVEN THE CHOICE.  In Bradford East it might be completely different.  But the important thing is this: YOU DECIDE.

If you vote for me you will get a vote on EVERY issue, not just a like-it-or-leave-it vote once every 5 years.

Peter Shields,
1 May 2010, 16:21