What a load of wasters

posted 1 May 2010, 11:00 by Peter Shields   [ updated 1 May 2010, 18:17 ]
Apparently it's been said that voting for me is "wasting your vote".

The truth is, under the current way of doing things, voting for anyone except the winner is "wasting your vote". A vote for anyone but the winner counts for NOTHING.  And since usually the majority of people don't actually vote for the winning candidate it appears that the majority of us "waste our vote" every time.

Try something new this election.

Don't be a lemming.

Vote for what you believe in.

Vote for the one you'd most like to win not the one you dislike the least!

This time the people in Bradford East have a real choice: Would you like one vote every 5 years for a political party who'll ignore you; or to vote for someone who'll take his orders from you and give you a vote on everything ?  Tell me, which one of those options is wasted vote?  Which one is a wasted opportunity?

Vote to give yourself a voice.  Vote for Direct Democracy.  Vote Peter Shields.