That EU constitution referendum result in full

posted 12 Apr 2010, 07:43 by Peter Shields   [ updated 4 Jun 2014, 03:18 ]

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Nothing epitomises the contempt that the politicians now have for the people better than the EU. What can I say that hasn't been said a 1,000 times before?  Just go to any of the multitude of websites that reel off the absurdities, the fraud, the deceit, the corruption, the waste & cheating that go on day in and day out - unchecked by anyone.  One of my favourites is here (no wonder our own MP's feel hard done by!)

Many (if not most) of the 4,000 new criminal offences that Labour have introduced in the last 13 years have been at the bequest of the EU.  Only about 1/3rd of these new laws have been debated in the House of Commons. The rest have been introduced by "Statutory Instrument" ... basically a notice pinned up on a notice board!

We all know that voters are an inconvenience to the EU.  That's why they don't bother asking us anything unless they know we'll give the right answer.  Enough is enoughTime to kick them in the Brussels sprouts.