Turning things on their head

posted 3 May 2010, 06:21 by Peter Shields   [ updated 3 May 2010, 06:45 ]
Very clever. And very true.

Don't follow the crowd. Think for yourself.

It's obvious who they're thinking of with their yellow background and talk of the the 3rd party.  But the message is true all the same - vote for something you believe in.

50 years ago 98% of the votes cast went to either Labour or Conservative.  At the last General Election it was 70%.  The tide is going out on party politics.

Time to make democracy what it was meant to be all along - the rule of the people.  [
"dēmokratía" = Rule of the people; "dêmos" = People, "krátos" = Power].  Bradford East can be at the spearhead of a real revolution.  Only one candidate is offering to let you - the people -  rule.

Vote for Direct Democracy. Vote for Peter Shields.

[Hat-tip: OldHolborn]