Things can only get better?

posted 8 May 2010, 04:50 by Peter Shields   [ updated 8 May 2010, 17:27 ]
In the end I was pipped at the post.  Just 13,401 votes separated me and first place - so it could have gone either way!

Pictured on the left are the campaign leaflets I'll use next time. Since this time I spent £2,500 for 237 votes they should work out a cheaper way of gaining votes!

So whilst a cost of £10+ per vote and about 30 minutes of time per person is a little demoralising, I am not despondent; disappointed but not depressed.  I'm an entrepreneur & evangelist at heart and if this was a religious campaign not a political one 237 'converts' would be considered a resounding success :o)

I reached 2 of my 6 personal targets: (1) Not to be last and (2) to beat the National Front (or the National Trust as my eldest son keeps getting them confused with!).  But I was a considerable way off reaching my other targets, namely - (3) getting my deposit back; (4) beating the BNP; (5) beating Labour; (6) becoming MP.

A quick comparison with the other three candidates I'm aware of who were standing on a similar direct democracy mandate (Old Holborn, Denny de la Haye and Andy Kirkwood) reveals that I was slightly above par for the course.

The silver lining to this particular cloud is that the Liberal Democrat, David Ward, bucked the national trend and replaced the incumbent Labour candidate.  If we should vote for people on the basis of their campaign and their personality rather than their politics, then David well deserves his win. In fact he deserves a much bigger majority than he got.  But therein lies the first & biggest lesson I've learnt from this whole experience - politics has precious little to do with it!

It just remains for me to thank everyone who has bothered to read my 'ponderings', wished me well and helped me in ways big & small.  In particular, I hope those of you have contributed with their time or money don't feel too disappointed with the outcome.  Sometimes it's not what you accomplish that matters, but what you set into motion.