The Representative Democracy Quiz

posted 18 Apr 2010, 12:07 by Peter Shields   [ updated 18 Apr 2010, 12:40 ]
Q1) When was the last time your representative in Parliament asked for your opinion about anything?

A) Your representative doesn't actually need to know your opinions because 24% of his constituency voted for him once and he has party political bosses who tell us what we really really want!

Q2) Your representative in Parliament, his name is...?

A) It doesn't matter if you know his name or not. He just needs to turn up at parliament and vote the way his boss has told him to.  Why should he care if you know who he is?  He works for his political party not you.

I love representative democracy don't you!  It's working just fine!

Direct democracy makes YOU the boss.  An Independent MP works for his constituents not a political party.