"My house shall be a house of parlā, but you have turned it into a den of thieves"

posted 20 Apr 2010, 01:26 by Peter Shields   [ updated 21 Apr 2010, 09:06 ]
The Houses of Parliament. The mother of all democracies. Or used to be.

The word Parliament comes from the French word “parlā” which means to speak or talk. Parliament was meant to be a place where policy was talked about. Ideas would be debated and minds would changed on the basis of evidence and by the strength of reason & argument. And the peoples’ views would be expressed by their elected representative.

Today there is no debate and no discussion. MP’s know exactly how they are going to vote before they enter the chamber. They deliver a prepared speech. Then they vote. The result of the vote - almost without exception - is exactly the way you knew it was going to be before they even entered. Everyone votes the way they are told to by their party chief.

The ‘debate’ is a sham. The only people who can influence the outcome of the vote are the lobbyists, union chiefs, business leaders who have the ear of the policy setters. That's why they don't even bother voting on a lot of things anymore. The vast majority of new laws are introduce d by "Statutory Instrument" - they just pin a notice up on a notice board saying it's going to happen.

It’s time to turn the tables of parliament over. It’s time to restore democracy. Vote for an MP who isn’t tied to any political master except you – the electorate.

Direct Democracy isn’t a joke. It’s a real, effective way of having ideas & policy tested in the public sphere.

Vote for the restoration of democracy on May 6th. Vote Independent. Vote Peter Shields.

You have turned it into a den of thieves