It's Catching!

posted 5 Jun 2010, 19:26 by Peter Shields   [ updated 5 Jun 2010, 19:43 ]
I'd already noticed that the Conservatives were pinching my ideas for their manifesto.  So I wasn't surprised when - rather pleasingly - they announced their referendum on electoral reform and a whole raft of measures to restore many of our civil liberties.

But I was quite shocked at just how blatantly some influential Conservatives were going to steal some of my more radical proposals!

The newly launched "Direct Democracy UK" promotes the idea of localism and participatory democracy within the United Kingdom.  There really are some quite radical ideas.  And whilst I wouldn't call them truly Direct Democracy, they are major steps in the right direction of decentralising power and restoring it to the people - where it rightly belongs.

The ideas seem to be a distillation of the contents of their book, "The Plan - 12 Months To Renew Britain" which gets remarkably positive reviews for a political book.  Might be worth a read if I've got you interested in all this sort of stuff yet.  (Or feel free to buy a copy to donate to me!).