Is there any point voting for an Independent?

posted 16 Apr 2010, 08:57 by Peter Shields   [ updated 16 Apr 2010, 09:01 ]
Yes!  Probably more so than voting for a typical party political puppet. Especially an MP who will have a Direct Democratic mandate as I would have.

Not many people realise that there are already many successful Independent politicians in office:
  • 2 Independent elected MP's: Dai Davies & Dr Taylor
  • 183 cross-bench peers in the House of Lords
  • 7.5% of Councillors in England & Wales are Independents
  • 3 Independent mayors in local authorities
  • Ken Livingstone was elected as an Independent Major of London in 2000
The Greens, BNP and UKIP have far fewer elected representatives and no MP's

The people of Hartlepool elected a man in a monkey suit for Mayor. They’d simply had enough of the current political party offerings. Like most voters, they’d realised a career politician wasn’t going to look after them but would look after himself and his political party. That isn’t democracy. The people of Hartlepool showed their continuing contempt for the party system and the effectiveness of an Independent by re-electing their major twice more.

Why vote Independent?