Can one man make a difference?

posted 13 Apr 2010, 18:51 by Peter Shields   [ updated 19 Apr 2010, 07:48 ]
I was pondering this question whilst trying to prepare a campaign leaflet today when the famous image from the 1989 Tienanmen Square uprising popped into my head.  A quick (well ... if you consider a few hours quick) bit of Photoshopping and I'd got a fantastic image for my leaflet.  But more importantly I'd got the answer to my question.

One man - an ordinary man, still carrying his shopping bags - decides he's not just going to stand by and watch the tanks roll in to crush the protest.  On the spur of the moment he makes a decision - he's got to do  something.  Everyone else fled.  But one man decided he would stand in their path.

And then the most amazing thing happened - the image burned itself onto my eyeballs - the tanks stopped.  They tried to manoeuvre around him but he just kept standing in their path.  Then he climbs on board and tries to reason person-to-person with his would-be oppressor.  Watch it.

One man

That man encapsulates everything I want to achieve in this election campaign.  Little did he know that day, when he set out to get his shopping, that he would stop tanks in their tracks. But he saw something that just wasn't right and said, "Enough is enough" and he did something.  What he did had an impact around the world.  And 21 years later he is inspiring another ordinary person to say "Enough is enough".  If I can have just a fraction of that man's courage & conviction then maybe I can stop the relentless but stealthy march of oppressive state interference in our lives. Here's hoping. Wish me luck.  Better still, vote for me!