Bradford East, I give to you your MP ...

posted 20 Apr 2010, 11:29 by Peter Shields   [ updated 21 Apr 2010, 03:44 ]

Over the last parliament, your local representative voted EXACTLY the same way as Gordon Brown on virtually everything. 98% of the time to be precise. If Gordon says it, he does it.  In fact pretty much the only time your local representative has not done what Gordon asked is when it affected him ... i.e. introducing a pay freeze for MP's or changing their working hours!

Don't think it'd be any different if it was someone from a different party. That's their job ... to obey party orders.  If you're happy with that, keep on voting for a political party.  If you're not, vote differently.

Only an Independent MP is free to listen to their constituents.  Only an Indenpendent MP can honestly tell you their opinion instead of their party political line.  Direct Democracy gives YOU the chance to influence every vote your MP makes.

Don't keep voting for a political party and expecting a different result.