posted 28 Apr 2016, 20:47 by Peter Shields   [ updated 28 Apr 2016, 21:37 ]

These are your EU leaders - the ones who implement EU legislation and determine budgets. You don't know who they are, what they stand for, and what they stand against.  But they've got to be better than the politicians we know & hate, right?

The People's Republic of EU

Some facts:
  • They are elected by no one.
  • They are amongst the most highly paid politicians in the world €240,000pa + allowances.
  • They receive a handsome pension (currently worth €60,000pa after 5 years in office ... oh, but they can forfeit it if they say anything "disloyal" to the EU).
  • Upon leaving post they receive a "transition salary" of 40-65% for the next 3 years whilst they "look for other work"!!! (Not usually a problem because they're typically shoe-horned into other EU posts or senior exec posts in large corporations). That's £400k unemployment benefit!

Looking down the list of past & present UK commissioners you'll find a list of election losers, disgraced politicians and even people who have never been elected to any public position, anywhere, ever! And don't forget, like all EU civil servants they are immune from prosecution for misconduct in office, for life!

I wonder what first attracted our politicians to the unelected, handsomely rewarded, unaccountable, highly powerful position of EU commissioners?!! Wouldn't it be great to give these people more power & influence in our national affairs.

What first attracted you?