And the winner is ...

posted 16 Apr 2010, 00:37 by Peter Shields   [ updated 16 Apr 2010, 04:00 ]
Nick Clegg - or so most people I respect seem to be saying.

Hurrah for Nick.

Didn’t watch the “debate” myself. In fact, not really watching or listening to the news for the next few weeks. What’s the point? Party politics just doesn’t work anymore.

46 million electors. Can they really be represented by just 3 points of view? What if you like what the Conservatives say about the economy but what the Liberals say about law & order? What if you like what the Greens say about the environment but what UKIP say about Europe? And - shock horror - what if you should agree with the BNP on immigration? And what if you don’t like what any of them say about foreign policy?

Here’s party politics:        

Here’s the electorate:
See the problem? Even with just Blue, Red, Orange there are so many different shades.

And here's the main thing: once they’re elected, is that it? Is your job done for another 5 years? No need to ask your opinion again on anything … they’ve got everything stitched up? And your newly elected representative - he’s no longer there to represent you to his party. He’s there to impose his party on you. He takes his orders from London HQ not from the thousands of people who elected him.

And just one other thing: you’d have thought we’d have learnt by now – what they say before they’re elected and what they’ll do after they’re elected aren’t always the same thing!   But there's nothing you can do about it.  That tick in a box once every 5 years is the extent of your influence.  Are you really content with that?

Don’t fall for it folks. The stage managed "debates" with there carefully rehearsed replies don’t change the fundamental problem – party politics.

Great minds don’t all think alike – they think Independently. Make May 6th Independents Day.