And There's More

posted 5 Jun 2010, 19:46 by Peter Shields
It appears that along with the observations I've already made about the Conservatives getting on board with many of my ideas(!), and about the existence of a Direct Democracy politician in Sweden, there is a growing global movement for Direct Democracy already happening.

There's a huge list of Direct Democracy related links to be found here, but below I list a couple that might be a good introduction to what is going on. It's really quite interesting  (or am I just an anorak?!):
  • There's the well established Swiss model of doing democracy - and highly enviable it is too.  If this doesn't kill most of the arguments against Direct Democracy then probably nothing will!
  • The "Interactive Democracy" blog covers all sorts of topical, democracy-related ground ... and is probably what I'd aspire to have this site evolve into if I had the time or inclination!
  • In "Peter's Policies" I've already mentioned Participatory Budgeting and how it's spread from Brazil to parts of the UK.  Fascinating to hear about Direct Democracy actually working and how much better it's results are.
  • In "Peter's Policies" I also mention the two trial UK 'Virtual Parliaments' that are already up and running on Direct Democracy principles - here and here.
  • Closer to home, there's the more eccentric but still informative Movement for Active Democracy, by a fellow Direct Democracy candidate in this years General Election.