Paul Scott for State Representative

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Paul Scott
The Local Candidate

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Paul Scott for State Representative
P.O. Box 193
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

The 51st District

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Jeff Cyphert (l), Treasurer of Grand Blanc Township endorses Paul.

Key Endorsements


"Paul will be an effective advocate for our community because of his commitment to stimulating business growth and his deep roots in the area.  We need a voice in Lansing that views businesses as job providers not entities to saddle with higher and higher taxes.  Paul's background in public policy and law make him uniquely qualified for the job -- but his true passion and energy for getting Michigan back on track is why I have given him my full endorsement." - Joseph Serra: President, Serra Automotive (Al Serra Auto Plaza)

"We're extremely fortunate that someone with Paul's background an abilities would make so strong a commitment to public service in his home district. With so many retirees leaving the state to be near family, much Paul's motivation to create economic opportunities for his generation is a much needed focal point for the legislature. Paul possesses vision and commitment, two qualities I've found extremely rare." - Barry Simon: Executive Vice President, Metro Flint Home Builders

Lou Blessing: Chairman, Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce

"I feel Paul is an intelligent young man who is really trying hard to find the issues which need to be addressed by REALLY talking to the people, getting involved in communities and investigating true local issues, both business and individual. I see this as a resolve to solve our economic problems with action at the grass roots level and upward to Lansing vs. the typical Lansing down to us at the local level when Lansing usually has no idea what is going on at the local level. Paul is truly concerned about solving the economic problems by creative solutions such as finding ways to reduce the brain trust export we are presently experiencing."  Victor Lukasavitz: Chairman, Linden Chamber of Commerce

Kim Cadieux: Director of Marketing, The State Bank (Fr. Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce Chair)

"I support Paul because of his enthusiasm to change.  He does not let his age effect his drive or motivation to follow his goals and make a difference." Todd Warda: Executive Board, Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce

Jack Goggins: Owner, Security Packaging

"Paul is a gifted young professional with superb training and experience.  He has a life-long interest in helping others through responsible civil service.  He is a credit to his family and the community.  We are lucky to have a candidate of his high caliber and enthusiasm.  He deserves our support."
Michael Witt: CEO, TEDCo.

Byron Voorheis: President, B. W. Voorheis Inc.

Patty Plant: Owner, Cranberries Café (Goodrich)

Joseph Hood: Owner, Joseph Auto Group (Pontiac, Chevrolet, Ford)

Sherri McArthur: Owner, The Cleaning Authority (Fenton)

David Dohrman: Insurance Agent, Dohrman Insurance

Tom Duty: Insurance Agent, MEEMIC Company

Joe Ryckaert: Manager, GMS Integration Center

Jerry Mansour Jr: President, Mansour Realty

Al and Deborah Jones: Owners, Comfort Keepers

Nik Gjonaj and Robert Lulgjuraj: Managing Partners, Luca's Chophouse (Grand Blanc)

Mark Knight D.D.S.: Owner, Knight Family Dentistry

George and Marilyn Zerka: Owners, Zerka's Stop and Shop, Inc.

Gus Chinonis: Owner, Ya-Ya's Chicken (Grand Blanc, Fenton)

Sam Jawhari: Owner, Beruit Restaurant (Linden)

Mike DeMoss: Owner, MoDoggies Bar and Grille (Fenton)

Ed Abbott: Owner, Abbott Meats

Craig Hutchins: Owner, Atlas Realty

Roger Ackerman: Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

Gary M. Raudebaugh: Owner, Bud Design & Engineering Services, Inc.

Teri Johnson: Owner, Marimax Physician Billing Service


"I have known Paul since his freshman year in high school and he is one of the finest young men who has ever attended Grand Blanc High School.  I support his candidacy because he is extremely hard working, very intelligent, honest, kind, and someone who truly cares about his community." Michael Newton: Superintendent, Grand Blanc Schools

"I am impressed by his focus on jobs and retaining young adults within the state of Michigan.  I am impressed with his interest in the issues facing school districts." Peggy Yates: Superintendent, Fenton Schools

Elizabeth Leonard: Superintendent, Linden Schools

Larry Allen: Superintendent, Goodrich Schools

Mark Perry: Professor of Economics and Finance, UM Flint

David St. Aubin: Principal, Goodrich High School

Al Martus: Athletic Director, Goodrich High School

Bill Duso: Teacher, Goodrich Schools

John Doerr: Teacher, Goodrich Schools

"I recognize the importance Paul Scott places on a good education and character.  He also sees the need for a vision with high expectations in working with others to solve problems." Lillian Mason: Trustee, Grand Blanc School Board

Andy Piazza: Athletic Director, Grand Blanc High School

"I've known Paul ever since he was a teenager.  In all my dealings with Paul as a student athlete, he has always been a person who cares about his classmates/teammates.  He is a natural born leader.  I have seen first hand, his character in action, his honesty and integrity are uncompromising.  He says what he means and means what he says.  He is a "stand up guy."  Paul has a tireless work ethic and has always been a fierce competitor.  I believe once he is elected, he will help turn our inept state economy around, by lowering taxes and creating a  pro growth business climate, that can create jobs for the people of this great state." Jerry Todd: Teacher, Grand Blanc Schools

"Paul is like a breath of fresh air in the political arena.  His enthusiasm and optimism are highly contagious.  To me, his sincerity about wanting to make this world a better place in which to live is truly genuine.  What we need is a lot more young people like Paul Scott to get involved in politics." Skip Harbin: Assistant Principal, GB Middle School East

Cheryl Hemond: Principal, McGrath Elementary (Grand Blanc)


"I decided to support Paul because of his knowledge on issues, his organizational skills, and the passion he has for public service.  I believe he has a genuine enthusiasm to help others." Miles Gadola: County Commissioner, Grand Blanc-Atlas TWP

"I am pleased to lend my support to Paul Scott in his campaign for State Representative.  He is an intelligent, knowledgeable and professional individual who exhibits a keen awareness of, and insight into the inner workings of Michigan's government.  I believe he will be a positive force in getting our great state back on the right track." Bonnie Mathis: Supervisor, Fenton Township

Robert E. Krug: Clerk, Fenton Township

Patrick J. Carmody: Treasurer, Fenton Township

"I endorse Paul Scott because he wants to fulfill the will of the constituency and he has the ambition to do it." Tony Brown: Trustee, Fenton Township

Mark Goupil: Trustee, Fenton Township

John Tucker: Trustee, Fenton Township

"I like his enthusiasm which is quite contagious. Like how one match can light several candles, this man has the passion and spark. While some might hold his youth against him, after meeting with him one can sense wisdom beyond his years. Because he was raised in the area that he hopes to represent, he has feel for the immediate and future needs of this community." Dianne North: Councilperson, City of Fenton

"I am honored to endorse Paul Scott.  His energy and enthusiasm is galvanizing our community." Jeffery Cyphert: Treasurer, Grand Blanc Township

"Paul H. Scott is dedicated and passionate. His education, experience, and enthusiasm are his greatest assets as he strives to revitalize Michigan." Paul Bush: Trustee, Grand Blanc Township

Ann Moss: Trustee, Grand Blanc Township

Roger Swaim: Trustee, Grand Blanc Township

Connie Lesley: Councilperson, City of Grand Blanc

Norman Schmidt: Treasurer, Argentine Township

Joe Graves: Clerk, Argentine Township

Jason King: Trustee, Argentine Township

Barry June: Trustee, Atlas Township

Edmund York: President, Village of Goodrich

Fred “Mac” Fortner: Mayor, City of Davison

Bob Longlois: Fr. Trustee, Argentine Township

Denise Graves: Chair, Genesee County Republicans

Rev. Dave Kreuger: Vice-Chair, Genesee County Republicans

"I think Paul is a very intelligent, articulate and bright young man.  He may not have the experience in political circles yet, but he has an outstanding resume to show that he does have the background to draw on in making sound decisions. Also, his planning and organization of his political campaign is very impressive as well.  He covers "all the bases", whether it is getting endorsements, "getting to know the candidate" parties or whatever.  That says a lot on how he would approach a problem in the Michigan legislature." Dennis Swartz: Treasurer, Genesee County Republicans

Jim Miraglia: Secretary, Genesee County Republicans

Prudy Adam: State Committee Member, MI Republican Party

Henry Hatter: Executive Committee, Genesee County Republicans

Michelle Voorheis: Fr. Chair, GOP MI 5th Congressional District

Rusty Hills: Fr. Chairman, Michigan Republican Party

Chuck Yob: National Committeeman, MI Republican Party


Tom Pettit: Treasurer, Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation

Larry A. Holley: Pastor, Abundant Life Ministries

K.C. Baran: Corporate Counsel, Joseph Auto Group

Bob Breeden: Former General Motors Executive

Darene Woodbury: Deputy Clerk, Grand Blanc Township

Nigel Barnett: Area Businessman

Paul Wenstrom: Financial Advisor

Pam Barkel: Republican State Representative nominee, 2000

Kim Capton: Grand Blanc Citizen of the Year, 2008

Dr. Cyrus Farrehi: Cardiologist

Rick Misek: Chair, Atlas Township Planning Commission


Executive Board - Paul H. Scott for State Representative