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Paul Scott
The Local Candidate

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Paul Scott for State Representative
P.O. Box 193

Grand Blanc, MI 48480


The 51st District:


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Bev Galbreath, Grand Blanc Middle School West PTO President, receiving a check from Paul.  In the past year
Paul has contributed over $10,000 to area causes. 

Why Paul is running   

Paul is running for state representative because the citizens and businesses of our state deserve fundamental safety, security and opportunities. 

Michigan is one of the most crime infested states in the union.  Detroit and Flint rountinely rank in the top five most violent cities in America.  The state ranks 50th in corporate tax structure and we have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. 


Sadly these realities explain why Michigan is unable to keep our best and brightest young citizens in the state.  Taxpayers invest roughly $8,000 a year per student in our K-12 public schools.  After four to five years of college, this is well over $200,000 of taxpayer investment per student.   

Taxpayers are receiving zero return on their public education investment. This means parents and grandparents have to stand by as their children and grandchildren move across the country and only come back for holidays.  More disturbingly, the outlook for Michigan is bleak as our future civic, religious and business leaders, that we have trained, are moving to other states and competing against us.


We have a moral and economic responsibility to protect the core of our communities and give people a reason to stay in Michigan. Paul made a decision to stay and is leading the fight to take back control of our government and solve these issues on a short and long term basis.


Paul with the "Paul H. Scott for State Representative" Grand Blanc Girls Youth Softball Team on sponsor Appreciation Day at Bicentennial Park. 

Safety, Security and Opportunities


In order to reverse these alarming trends, the state legislature must focus on giving businesses and everyday citizens a reason to come to and stay in the state of Michigan.


-         Safety.  Businesses will not come back to Michigan until we take care of our law and order problem.  Those violating the law in any fashion have to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.  Enforcing our basic traffic, retail theft and vandalism statutes will help stop the growth of young, petty criminals into full blown violent thugs. To do this, we must commit to giving our law enforcement officials the resources necessary to do their jobs.

-         Security.  We must provide economic security to our businesses.  Accomplishing this requires our commercial tax code to at least mirror that of other states in the Midwest if we want to be competitive.  Michigan must afford small business owners a basic right of survival.  Only after we restructure our tax regulations on job creators, and resurrect our credibility in the business community across the nation, will our state revenues begin to increase again. A first step is this direction repealing the Michigan Business Tax and cutting way back on spending for programs that do not include public education, public safety or roads and infastructure.

-         Opportunities.  To reverse the trend of citizens leaving the state to find opportunities, Lansing should take a more active role in linking up college students with small businesses and other organizations.  Tax credits should be awarded to in-state businesses offering internships to Michigan students attending institutions of higher learning and debt relief programs enacted for those students who chose to stay in the state and work.


Other Issues

Paul feels the best way to increase government revenues in the long term is by lowering the tax rates to mirror those of neighboring states, not raising them to force businesses and residents to move.  He also believes in a limited government.  Government spending in Michigan must be drastically cut in order for our state to become competitive once again in the race to attract job providers. Services outside of public education, public safety and roads and infrastructure should receive limited taxpayer funding. Paul's pro-economic growth philosophy has earned him the respect of local business owners and the endorsements of the Grand Blanc and Linden Chamber of Commerce Chairmen.

Paul is 100% pro-life and supports the preservation of the traditional one man-one woman marriage. He has been qualified by Michigan Right to Life as a candidate pro-life voters can vote for.  Paul has also been endorsed by Citizens for Traditional Values, a grassroots organization which fights for traditional family values.

Paul also supports the 2nd amendment and is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Paul meeting citizens during the
2007 Grand Blanc Homecoming Parade.