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Paul Scott
The Local Candidate

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Paul Scott for State Representative
P.O. Box 193

Grand Blanc, MI 48480

The 51st District:


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           Paul Scott (REP) .  .  .  .  .   .  .    29,919   52.87
           Michael J. Thorp (DEM) .  .  .  .  .  .    26,587   46.98
           WRITE-IN.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        81     .14

Click here for Flint Journal front page election coverage.

Click here and here for ABC12 News coverage.


 What the pundits said:

"Biggest Election Night Winners - Paul SCOTT. Proved you didn't need to be a Democrat to win a competitive House seat. Used hard work and a moderate message to earn a place in the House as a Republican." MIRS, 11/6/08

“Political analyst Bill Ballenger attributes Scott’s win to [..] ‘hard work, he was one of the hardest working candidates in the state.'” Gabe Gutierrez, ABC12 News, 11/5/08

"The Republicans were able to declare some victories. Top on the list was the tireless worker in the 51st District, Paul SCOTT. Scott simply outworked television personality Michael THORP in what should have been a strong pick-up for the Democrats in Grand Blanc." MIRS, 11/4/08

"If Democrat Michael THORP was working harder or smarter, this could be a sure-fire pick-up for Democrats. As it is, Republican Paul SCOTT is everywhere and doing everything." MIRS, 10/15/08

"His abilities in public policy analysis are clear, and he's not afraid to offer bold solutions. Scott has it exactly right when he says the biggest problem in Lansing is the failure of leadership. Scott strikes us as having the intellect and energy to shake up the status quo and push for real action. We endorse PAUL SCOTT." - Flint Journal, 10/26/08

"51st District State Representative - Paul Scott (R) --- He is definitely the underdog, but he is super intelligent, young, and extremely knowledgeable about the issues we all face. Best of all, he is an outsider, untainted by the current disgusting political system, which is just what we need. An outstanding candidate who has a great future -- let's vote him in." - Rick Rockman; Tri-County Times, 10/26/08




Paul Scott .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     2,935   41.42
James B. Swenor  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     2,684   37.88
Vince Lorraine.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     1,462   20.63
WRITE-IN.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         5     .07

Click here for Flint Journal front page election coverage. 

"Since the spring of 2007, I have been campaigning for the open seat in the Michigan State Legislature. State Representative Dave Robertson is vacating the seat because of term limits.

I am honored by the warm reception I have received from thousands of residents during my campaign. Going door-to-door has been exciting and has given me the opportunity to hear what residents have on their mind and learn what they want me to do when I get in Lansing. The volunteers who have worked with me have made this journey much easier. Without their hard work passing out literature, putting up signs, helping with telephone calls and the endless list of other campaign duties, I would not have been successful in the primary.

I also want to recognize my opponents during this primary campaign, Vince Lorraine and James Swenor, for their hard work and competitive spirit and for the encouragement they have given citizens to get out and vote.

The primary is now over. To win the 51st District, we will have to work together in the General Election Campaign. Thanks to all who have supported me and encouraged me during this long campaign." - Paul Scott, August 6, 2008

Click here to view coverage from the Michigan Economic Forum.

The "Michigan Economic Forum" hosted by the Paul Scott for
State Representative Campaign on March 12, 2008.  Over 100
local business owners and concerned citizens gathered to
discuss the local economy and ways to move our great state forward.

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Paul Scott for State Representative
P.O. Box 193
Grand Blanc, MI 48480

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Dear Friends:

Michigan boasts some of the hardest working and most dedicated people anywhere in the world. We are the home of the assembly line -- the greatest economic efficiency mechanism ever invented.  Our public school system has a history of excellence from the elementary to post graduate levels.  Michigan's educators put our young in position to lead the world.

Sadly, the current policies coming out of Lansing have pushed businesses out of the state in favor of special interests and forced our best and brightest to leave.  Today, Michigan consistently has the worst unemployment rate in the nation.  Our younger generation is faced with poor job prospects and a limited future.  As a result, we rank 49th in the country in retention of our young adults.

The lack of vision and leadership in Lansing is unacceptable. We have to choose a new path. Michigan deserves a government that is committed to providing safety, security and opportunities for all. 

This is exactly why I am running for state representative.  As a lifelong resident of this community, I understand the issues we face and the dire need for basic opportunities to be provided. My unique experiences in the public and private sector have enabled me to realize the necessity of long term thinking when enacting legislation. 

I am not a politician.  I am hostage to no special interests or beholden to anyone but those in this great community.  I am committed to getting Michigan back on the track toward economic expansion.  That requires us to hit the reset button on the way state government is run.

Ultimately this election comes down to a simple choice.  Do we want to go down the same path with the same politicians campaigning on the same rhetoric? Or do we  want to pursue a new path of accountable representation which believes that we have to grow our way out of this recession, not tax our way out. After researching the options, I think you will agree the choice is very clear.

I am ready to champion this fight.  Being the local candidate in the race, not only do I know your issues, I share your values. My professional and academic background distinguishes me from my opponents as someone who is ready to be your voice in Lansing.  Please join me in finally rejecting the old failed way of politicians and ushering in a new regime of public servants focused on the creation of jobs and solidification of opportunities for the next generation. I am asking for your vote and your support in this election. Let's put Michigan back on the winning path it was destined for.


Paul Scott