Mary Haley has the experience and passion to bring diverse people together.

I believe everyone has the right and the obligation to have a place at the table in all issues, particularly education.  Parents, teachers, students, and the community need to work together to continually improve our schools. An educated populace is essential to a democratic republic to everyone, not only to the current students. Better schools mean more businesses will take a look at locating in Idaho Falls and hiring our residents.   But we have a long road ahead of us because Idaho is 49th out of 50 states for students going to college. 

Transparency and ethics are two things I will bring to the legislature.  Our legislature has received an F in ethics.  Cronism, back door deals for the wealthy, and undisclosed legeslator's special interests have become rutine in our state.  It is time to make our lawmakers open and responsive to us.  I will work hard to have the true meaning of a bill be transparent.  If a bill isn’t constitutional or effective I won’t vote for it.

I am a true financial conservative.  Tax reform is needed on the state and national level. We need to stop putting the tax burden on the poor and middle class in order to give the rich a tax break.  Unfunded bills are also on my radar. Cities, counties, and school districts should not be asked to accomplish tasks without proper funding.

As a moderate voice in the legislature I will listen to everyone, not just a few left-wing liberals or a handful of ultra-conservative Republicans. There is a center line and we all need to work together to bring both sides as close to it as we can.

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