Vote James Istvanffy - 21 Oct 2013 - Stability in the future!

James Istvanffy

Fiscal Responsibility

Traffic Solutions

Safer Streets

Democratic Reform

Quality of Life


Clean Environment


Honesty & Respect


  • Instructor - University of Calgary
    • The Beatles
    • Best of Rock 'n' Roll
    • John Lennon - Imagine 1940-1980
    • Paul McCartney - Yesterday
    • Napoleon's Last Battles
    • Jerusalem (Roman era and Seige)
    • many other courses - mostly in history and/or politics
  • Instructor - Mount Royal University
    • It was 50 years ago today....The Beatles
    • Bob Dylan in the 1960s
  • Instructor - Various Community Colleges
  • BA in Political Science minor in Philosophy
  • BA in History
  • CBE volunteer and lunch-time supervisor
  • Train Leaders Strategy -see Bio

Family Values

  • Toni Istvanffy has a home based babysitting service and loves to look after children, she also is interested in education and real estate
  • John (11 years old) is a crossing guard at Westsprings Elementary School, he also plays piano and sets a great example for his siblings
  • Anna (10 years old) also helps out as a crossing guard at Westsprings Elementary School, she love to ride her bike and helps her mother
  • Benjamin (7 years old) loves to play with his Skylanders, swimming, and having friends over to play
  • Mary (3 years old) and loves Mickey Mouse and is doing well at remembering to visit the bathroom regularly - as her father says "Trust God and keep your panties dry."