Why Vote For Thomas

Why vote for Thomas?

Letter to Unit Owners

Dear fellow shareholders


When I purchased my unit in this building four years ago, I had to pour all of my life savings into making the down payment. It was a difficult thing to do. It was the largest investment I had ever made. It was also one of my best investment decisions. I am sure many of you, like myself, had dedicated a large portion of your life savings into buying a share of this condo, and would like to see that investment secured.


Like you, I too, share the desire to see my investment bear fruit.

Like you, I too, share the pride of ownership.

Like you, I too, share a sense of responsibility in ensuring this condo is well maintained.


As shareholders of this building, you deserve a committed owner in shaping the decisions of this corporation; A fellow owner whose interest and values align with yours; A fellow owner who cares for this building as much as he cares for this community.


As a community volunteer, I spend time building homes for the Habitat for Humanity of Toronto. It is a joy to see how my humble efforts and commitment can make such a significant difference for the community. The kind of difference that translates into a promising future for those less fortunate.


And my promise to you as a member on the Board of Directors is a simple one: Ensure this condo’s long term value. Under my directorship, I will ensure management will be vigilant in its stewardship and minimize waste. Because keeping management fees reasonable in the long run, and keeping this condo in good shape is the foundation of long term value for any condo building.


Please cast your vote for me for the upcoming 2016 election for board of directors. It would be my pleasure to see all of you at the AGM this year where we can further discuss my credentials and our vision for the condo. If you have any questions, please contact me info@VoteForThomas.com


A vote for Thomas is a vote for A Future Promised.


Thank you for reading,

Thomas Chau

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