Economic Development.

New York has been hostile to business for too long. It is time we reverse the tide of losing businesses.  It is time we do outreach to build our economy.  As well, I have a comprehensive plan to make the New York business environment strong and supportive of prosperity.

Energy Cost Slashing.

We have had to suffer bad leaders for too long.  High energy costs are a symptom of bad leadership. I have a 100 point energy plan for New York (especially for Long Island) that will not only create green energy but cheap and exportable energy. It is not atomic energy, it is not Big Business energy, it is distributed and nearly BLACKOUT PROOF!

Government of the people, for the people, by the people.

Only eight states allow the type of partisan politics that New York has.  We have outgrown the partisan rules and they now strangle our progress.  Ballot initiatives and referendum are the start of a new perspective for government by the people in New York. 

Socially responsible, yet competitive health care with choices.

New York actually has a strong program of a public health option.  Of course that program can be improved.  As well we must protect both (1.) citizen's rights to good health and aliveness as well as (2.) the profit motive of the medical industry; it is the profit motive that helps to fuel medical innovation.  However, the national debate over healthcare has been a distraction to our true crisis --- Economic Development.

A revamped education program.

Not One Suffolk County School is in the top 100 in the nation.  However, we pay nearly the highest taxes in the nation.  It is time we got our money's worth.  I have a plan that improves education quality, gives parents more choices, CUTS TAXES.  These plans have not had any group opposition and they can be done in partnership with private industry.

Transportation Infrastructure Improvement.

Traffic makes you sick and ruins your quality of life.  It makes your commute tougher and it strangles commerce. I have revolutionary plans for faster and greener transportation that will benefit you and our economy. These plans have not had any group opposition and they can be done in partnership with private industry.


Immigration is not just a Federal issue.  Long Island needs a strong labor force.  We are a nation of immigrants and we are ready to invite new generations of strength from other countries.  Much of the labor we require to guarantee the US as a world power has yet to be invited to our shores or PAY their fair share of TAXES!  I have a three part program that will shock you at its simplicity and pro-American values.  This plan has not had any group opposition and it is done in partnership with private industry.

Term Limits.

No Elected official in New York State should be in office more than Twenty (20) years. PERIOD! 
By saying "we need TERM LIMITS" I really need YOUR help to get elected --- the major parties in New York are AGAINST Term Limits.  If they wanted Term Limits we would have them so please help me get elected if you want term limits.

Ballot Initiatives & Referendum.

We THE PEOPLE need to be able to put things into law.  With Ballot Initiatives and Referendum we can make our own law.  Until the people have the power we will be held hostage by centralized NYS government that does not really let the people access government.
By saying "we need Ballot Initiatives and Referendum" I really need YOUR help to get elected --- the major parties in New York are AGAINST Ballot Initiatives and Referendum.  If they wanted Ballot Initiatives and Referendum we would have them so please help me get elected if you want Ballot Initiatives and Referendum.

Recall Elections.

We THE PEOPLE need to be able to REMOVE bad elected officials.  With Recall Elections we can empower government to work better. 
Again, by saying "we need Recall Elections" I really need YOUR help to get elected --- the major parties in New York are AGAINST Recall Elections.  If they wanted Recall Elections we would have them so please help me get elected if you want Recall Elections.

Non-Partisan Legislation.

Partisan Legislation STALLS New York development.  You are taught that a bill must pass the NYS Senate and the NYS Assembly to become law.  However, that is only half-true --- right now, by practice, a bill must get the approval of EACH MAJOR POLITICAL PARTY in each of the legislative houses to get out of that Legislative house (Assembly or Senate).  This is why New York can't seem to pass anything except a new tax!  New taxes are acts of desperation following long periods of defective government!  If you want a better New York we must improve government and Non-Partisan Legislation improves government.
Again, by saying "we need Non-Partisan Legislation" I really need YOUR help to get elected --- the major parties in New York are AGAINST Non-Partisan Legislation.  If they wanted Non-Partisan Legislation we would have them so please help me get elected if you want Non-Partisan Legislation.

Healthier New York.

Much can be done to improve the health of New Yorkers.  Re-empowered school athletic programs can inspire children to have healthier lifestyles that can last a lifetime.  Less processed foods in schools can teach better eating habits.  A more rational approach to molding young attitudes can have cascading costs savings as to drug and alcohol abuse, crime and punishment.
Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine ("Natural Health professionals") need to be allowed to be licensed in New York as they are in other states.  "Slow Foods" with an emphasis on New York Farm Produce will improve both our physical health and our economy.  Autism awareness needs to begin with parents having vaccine choice for young children (especially those under 50 lbs, where any toxic effect might cause a lifetime of disability). 
New York already has two a health care plans with a public option; the NY options are called Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus.  Also, we do not have rated health insurance like many other states.  It would be good for other states to discover our model for insurance versus having insurance nationalized. I am concerned from a liberty perspective about excessive Federal involvement in state and local matters.
As I focus on the wealth of the state I will be a constant reminder to the entire New York Senate that "health is wealth" too, just as our grandparents taught us.

Equality Issues.

Equality Issues undermine the very core of our most treasured American principles like EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. 
If you think there is true racial equality then you have not seen side-by-side video tapes of job interviews or traffic stops. 
Even governmental incentives and procedures can offer frightening contrast of how we treat different protected groups.  Men are now the minority in colleges but there is not one affirmative action program for men in the entire State of New York  while nearly every co-ed college in the state has affirmative action programs for women (who are the majority).
If you think is fair to make one gay partner to pay child support for acting like a parent, but forbidding that same "parent" from marrying their domestic-partner five years earlier, then again you have not witnessed UN-EQUAL treatment under the law.
Family Court operates in a biased manner --- the law actually forbids judges to presume the parents are equal; the Family Court actually forces custody battles.  If the best interests of children are parents at peace then battles undermine the very purpose of the Family Court; kids are harmed as a result of non-equality.  I also have a general Court Reform plan that will both improve social equity, cut taxpayer costs, and increase American productivity and competitiveness,
Nobody is rushing in to change your private club or your church, and I say that as a minister myself, however the US and NY Constitution promise every citizen equal treatment and we have a duty to promise true equality in the law.

Court Reform.

Increased Judicial Education.
Alternative Dispute Resolution: a suggested mediation step that the litigants would have to opt out of.  Other states have great success with this model of law.
Help for the Frail Elderly, Handicapped/Disabled, and Language Impaired: "Reasonable Accommodation" is simply not being provided and the law of the land says it should be.  I will protect a citizen's rights to access justice.
Increase transparency:
1.) Free electronic recordings to the litigants (mpeg files or similar) when they are available. 
2.) On-line filings in State Supreme Court --- just like the Federal Courts provide.
3.) Cameras in the Courtroom (unless objected in sensitive matters like child abuse or sexual abuse).
Impeachment for incompetent or "problem" judges --- the Senate refuses to use their impeachment power even for proven bribe takers and I would change that.
Presumption of Equality: a presumption (albeit rebuttable) that spouses are equal and would share parental rights and responsibilities equally; unless otherwise necesary children would have more quality attention through better education of the parents of divorce, separation, and custody disputes.  This will aid those that are routinely denied access to their children such as a disabled, deployed military, or non-english speaking partner.
Citizen petitioned Recall Elections for elected judges.  Other states have great success with this model of law.
Increased participation in model national uniform laws for court reform.  These are reforms proposed by legal experts and New York has been late to consider most model code --- there has been political resistance that has delayed positive reform in New York,  

National Issues.

National issues do affect the larger US economy and the US economy obviously affects our New York State and Suffolk County (local) economy.  Here are my quick points on the national scene:
1.) End the War in Iraq and Afghanastan --- that war is not declared by Congress, wastes BILLIONS,
     and has other flaws.
2.) Control the Federal Reserve --- it is wasting BILLIONS of Taxpayer dollars.
3.) Improve the Small Business Administration (SBA) --- a weak policy on small business
     hurts US competitiveness.
4.) Fund Energy Technology Development better --- Improved energy costs have a multiplier effect of reducing
     all other costs including government costs --- later in the election I will release some plans of how we will
     cut energy costs.

Inspiration + Innovation = PROSPERITY!

As the old expression goes "we must change our direction or we will arrive where we are going".  We must change government and remove bad leadership NOW!  We are at the tipping point where we must create the next great BOOM on the economic horizon.  However, WE CAN.  We can produce a new wave of growth and prosperity.
YOU MUST TAKE CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT: you must volunteer, you must contribute, and you must spread the word.  We have the power, as citizens, to install better leaders and we must do that without delay.
Thank you,
Greg Fischer

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