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Friends of Greg Fischer
P.O. Box 285
Calverton, New York 11933-0285
Fax: 631-727-9638

I invite you to be part of the solution! 
We all understand the problems but so few are willing to do the work of the reform we need.
Please contact me.  Please be part of the reform.
You are more than all of the other "talkers" who are just spectators who are watching our quality of life and our prosperity disapear.
I promise you, it will not end after election day. 
True reform values and invites the access and contribution of ALL citizens.  I am not starting this campaign for any "special interests" --- this is for my children's future and for you because YOU and YOUR FAMILY are community that MY FAMILY shares values with.
  • Prosperity and the Economy.
  • Creating Jobs and Opportunities.
  • Stopping Runaway Taxes and Costs.
  • Quality Education.
  • Better Transportation and Less Traffic.
  • Quality of Life and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Open Government and Term Limits.
  • Better Health and Treatment Choices.
  • The Environment, Preservation and Fishing.
  • Pension and Retirement Protection.
  • Public Safety and Downtown Re-Development.
  • Prosecution of High-Level White-Collar Crime.
  • Equality, Free Elections, and GUARANTEES of our other Constitutional Protections.