I am just like you. 
I am just a regular person trying to make a better life for himself and his family. 
This is a picture of me from a public rally were I was speaking against government intrusion into parent's rights.
Like YOU, I have noticed that government has not been helping me; NO, governent has been getting in the way of MY Pursit of Happiness and the happiness of my family.  I noticed that GOVERNMENT had becoming more concerned with its itnterest than OUR interests.  GOVERNMENT HAS TO BE REFORMED!
You are not just supporting me you are supporting cause and that cause is CITIZEN CENTERED "Community Politics".  Here is some of what I am offering to help create better government:
  • Businessperson, Inventor, Strategist, Organizer, Computer Expert, Problem Solver
  • Board Member of Americans for Legal Reform, “the Children’s Lobbyist”
  • Former Trustee, Greater Calverton Civic Association
  • Publisher, “The Political Patriot” (a new start-up newspaper, Suffolk County)
  • Organizer, Northeast Media Leaders --- 700 contacts
  • Family Issues Talk Personality --- Movies, TV, Radio, Public Access, Print.
  • Long Time Civil Rights Advocate and Defender --- Promoting Racial and Gender Equality, and the FREEDOM to Believe.
 Also, you shold know something about me personally:  
Age 53.

Four Children: Adam (23), Andrew (22), Clark (5), Anna (3).

Born in NYC. 
Parents: Fred, NYC Police Captain (Deceased), Dorothy, Homemaker & Entrepreneur
Lived in VA/DC during the Clinton Administration.
Single --- Committed Relationship, Steady Girlfriend (who is a TV Health Reporter)
3 College/Advanced Degrees in Business.

Religion Affiliations: Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Non-sectarian Ministry.

Bought my home in Calverton in 2002.

Smart, Fast Learner.
Fiscally Responsible
I create Bi-Partisan Support and Broad Cross-Interest Group Support
Idealistic (a true believer in Democracy),
Committed to our country and our citizens.
I have a very long resume of government and business consulting projects but here are some more details that will show you I bring a lot of exeperience to REFORM efforts:


  Associates Degree  --- Management, CUNY Manhattan

  Bachelors Degree --- Finance, SUNY New Paltz

  Masters Degree --- MBA, Operations Management, SUNY Albany



  Certified in Production Management

  Certified Paralegal



  Former Cub Scout

  Former Boy Scout

  School Sports: Soccer, Squash, Track, Sharpshooter,

    Captain of Rifle Team and President of Rifle Club

  Amateur Photographer, Theatre Electrician, Set Designer, Set Carpenter


Civil/Public Service:

  Former Staff, NYC Water Resources

  Former Peace Officer

  Former Union Organizer

  Former Volunteer Firefighter (with a perfect record of ZERO fatalities)

  Former Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (with a perfect record of ZERO fatalities)

  Former Trustee, Greater Calverton Civic Association

  Former Volunteer, numerous political campaigns.

  Former Organizer “If you love America, Buy American”


9/11 --- Volunteer Responder --- injured and on the health registry


Former Employment:

  Price Waterhouse (now PWC)

  Peat Marwick

  Micro Perfect Corporation, Founder

  --- thousands of clients nationwide; strategy, training, software.



  Publisher, The Political Patriot, the Suffolk County Weekly Newspaper (startup)

  Practicing Minister.

  Patented Inventor --- products for Virtual Reality Environments,

    and Energy Conservation and   Generation.

  Director, Americans for Legal Reform (ALR)

  Work-At-Home-Dad and Homemaker for Anna (age 3) and Clark (age 5 ½)


Human Interest:


            My children Clark (age 5 ½) and Anna (age 3) were ABDUCTED on Sept 17 2007 (when Greg was running for Riverhead Councilman – the next day).  The children were returned on October 1, 2009 (two years later);  since then Greg  has been a national spokesperson on child abduction issues --- particulary for the national group “VOICE FOR THE CHILDREN” (based out of Florida).


Lobbying for Governement Reform:


            I have also been know as “The Children’s Lobbyist”, this pro bono (non-funded, non-paid) role includes drafting legislation, public testimony, community organizing, public political events with speaking, networking with legislators at all levels of government.  This was NOT paid for, it was NOT "special interest" it was for the good of the people.  My lobbying was documented in part in the Movie “Support? System Down!” (filmed from 2005 to 2007).  Part of that film includes my campaign AGAINST incumbent Senator Kenneth LaValle.


            Why LaValle you ask?  He is worse than just being part of the problem.  In 2006, Senator Kenneth LaValle illegally used campaign finance funds to hire private investigators to STALK me IN PUBLIC AND AT MY HOME (and others were stalked as well) while I was working as a Volunteer on a political campaign --- I have been suing those evil doers ever since.


Recent/On-going legal projects:


·         Suffolk County Free Law Clinic

·         Americans for Legal Reform: Court Watching & Pro-Se litigant support.

·         Long Island Men’s Center --- Committee Chair on Police Issues

·         Foster Care Reform: 800#s, improved medical services, family placement improvement and omnibus reform.

·         Family court reform, legal revisions to promote co-parenting of children following divorce, grand-parents rights, etc.

·         Vaccine Oversight, lobbied to halt mandatory administration of UNTESTED H1N1 vaccines to healthcare workers.

·         Maternity Health: acted to prevent the administration of thimerasol (mercury) preserved vaccines to pregnant women and to enforce the existing LEGISLATED MORITORIUM to BAN such administration.

·         Personally investigated, solely discovered and exposed that Suffolk County was administering vaccines to children that were in fact CONTRA-INDICATED for children according to the manufacturer’s instructions!

·         Autism Prevention, Family Support and Cure projects (various).

·         Introducing anti-abduction legislation, to protect children at county, state and federal levels.

·         Created a realistic TAX CUT Strategy for NYS (to aid business core development).

·         Created Economic Developing and Community Improvement Plans for Long Island and NYS.

·         Created Energy COST CUT and SUPPLY INCREASE strategies for Long Island and NYS.



Oh,  I also dress as Santa Claus at Christmas for kids, and as a “superhero” for other events.