SFY 2019 Budget Development

This page describes and follows the development of the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2019 budget for the state of Vermont.

Outline of Budget Events
  • July 2017 - Consensus Economic Forecast (CF) release by Joint Fiscal Office (JFO)
  • This report is the result of work done by the legislature's economist (Tom Kavet), the administration's economist (Jeff Carr) reviewed by the Emergency Board. The Emergency Board consists of the governor and the House and Senate chairs of Appropriations and Ways & Means. The report reviews the current fiscal year's revenues and predicts revenues for the next fiscal year.

  • September 2017 - Governor instructs agencies to level fund their budgets - 
  • Here is a link to a Digger article about the directive. 

  • November 2017 - Legislative Briefing by JFO and Administration - 
  • This briefing is a presentation made to the legislature prior to the start if the session. If you click that link, there is a video of the briefing as well as further links to all the presentations. Lots of graphs and charts.

What happens next

  • January 3rd 2018 - Legislative session begins.
  • Mid-January 2018 - Governor's budget presented to legislature
  • Late March 2018 - House sends budget to senate
  • Late May 2018 - Budget passes both bodies - forward to governor
  • June 2018 - Governor signs the budget
  • July 1st 2018 - Start of SFY 2019