2016 Campaign Cartoons

Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr. and I created one cartoon for each week between the Primary and the 2016 General elections. I create the dialogue and RWB creates the drawings. The cartoons ran in the Colchester Sun and were posted to  my FaceBook page. 

They were meant to be thoughtfully humorous and not offensive. 

The Colchester Sun erred and did not publish #11 when expected. The paper agreed to run the missing one for free along with the final one shown below.

#12 "So Over" - published in the Colchester Sun on 11/3/16
I have not found one person who says "Wouldn't it be great of this election went on for another years." Or "month", or "week", or "day, or "minute"!  

#11 "Taxes" - published in the Colchester Sun on 11/3/16
Taxes are a big issue in Colchester and Vermont. Everyone would like to see them lowered. The trouble, of course, is that the state has a number of growing problems that must be addressed: financial stability, the environment, an opioids crisis, education funding to name a few. Paying for those is tough. This cartoon tries to show why cutting taxes is not easy: it's hard to drop some of the programs that may be working, we kinda like the status quo, and it means sticking to hard budgeting decisions.

#10 "Generations" - published in the Colchester Sun on 10/20/16

This week's cartoon touches on the fate of the various entitlement programs that depend on future generations paying the bills. Just another reason to support and encourage the education and training of our youth.

#9 "Hired Out" - published in the Colchester Sun on 10/13/16

There are all kinds of theories about a legislator's job. Is it to represent those that elected him/her even if the legislator disagrees with what the constituents think? Is it to 'lead'; determine what is best and then convince the people? Or is it to find the common ground between competing interests?

Finding workable solutions is hard work, so it is 'hired out' to legislators. 

#9 "Election Math" - published in the Colchester Sun on 10/6/16

Sorry, but I could not resist adding Math to the series. I may not be great with numbers but I do like working with them. And there is always the question: "what would happen if we did, indeed, all agree?"

#8 "Economics" - published in the Colchester Sun on 9/29/16

Good government requires a 'loyal opposition.' But such 'opposition' must, indeed, be 'loyal.'

#7 "Hats" - published in the Colchester Sun on 9/22/16

The characters are listening to each other and considering what the other says. But . . . there is really something fundamentally different between their views of the world. That's the way we are.

#6 "Common Sense" - published in the Colchester Sun on 9/15/16

This week it's all about Common Sense Solutions, something I hear a lot about. It always sounds good but when you get to the details what is Common Sense to one person makes No Sense to another. I have several times made the mistake of assuming that what is common sense to ME is common sense to ALL, and it ain't.

And I still can't believe that a piano and tennis ball will fall at the same rate.


#5 “The Candidate” – published in the Colchester Sun on 9/8/16

Over the last several weeks I have knocked on more than 1,300 doors on the Village side of Colchester. I’ve spoken with over 375 residents. But there are always those that hide upon my approach. I see a curtain move or voices become silent. In fact, I recall doing the same when a candidate has come calling at my house. We just don’t want to be bothered. On the other hand, there are those that invite me in and share earnest conversations about the future of Colchester and Vermont. I never second guess a voter.

In this cartoon the two characters finally find common ground in their desire to be left alone.

#4 “Stupid Dream Theories” – published in the Colchester Sun on 9/1/16

This one has a bit of subtlety to it. The two begin by agreeing. They then talk past each other as they reinforce each other. In fact, they are proposing two very different ideas. In the last frame they may be criticizing themselves. Are the ideas they espouse stupid dream theories or political bandwagons? It's far easier to talk about 'making the hard decisions' than it is to follow through. At any rate the two characters have found agreement.

#3 "Sports" - published in the Colchester Sun on 8/25/16
The two are searching for a topic that they can discuss without things getting hostile and/or political. The fallback is sports, but even that doesn't work as they know it will lead to the conservative stance by one to 'let the markets decide' versus the more liberal stance of 'equal pay for equal work' by the other. Maybe next week they can find some shared connection.

#2 "Idiots" - published in the Colchester Sun 8/18/16
This cartoon establishes the two characters as ideologically opposed to each other. There is an effort to reconcile by agreeing on something, if it's only that they disagree. Even that doesn't work. Yet, with enough mental gymnastics they end up agreeing. It's a small step.

#1 "After the Primary" - published in the Colchester Sun 8/11/2016
These are the two characters that will be used throughout the series. One leans conservative and the other leans liberal. The cartoon reveals the dilemma of the voter that feels obligated (and wants) to vote but finds no favorable candidate. I've run across a number of people dealing with this problem regarding the presidential race. Trouble is, you really can't vote against them all and still vote.