Roy Blunt vs Jason Kander

Missouri deserves a Senator who is guided by the best available science. 

Roy Blunt is radically out-of-step with his constituents and dangerously ignorant about the risks of climate change to the future of Missouri and the necessity of reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

According to the Yale Project on Climate Change, 74 percent of Misourians support regulating CO2 as a pollutant and 64 percent support strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants. Yet Blunt opposes limits on pollution. 

Roy Blunt OPPOSE
  • Joined climate-denier James Inhofe and West Virgina Senator, Joe Manchin, who is closely aligned with coal interests, in an attempt to derail President Obama's ability to negotiate and secure international climate agreements before the Paris Climate talks last December 2015.
  • He also attempted to derail bilateral U.S.-China climate agreements, even though curtailing Chinese emissions is critical to reducing worldwide emissions.
  • Opposes EPA's efforts to regulation dirty coal-fired power plants.
  • Brags about his efforts to stop climate legislation.
  • Interferes with regulators, for instance, placed a hold on nominee for EPA.
 Jason Kander SUPPORT
  • Young, dynamic, military veteran.
  • Strong on climate issue.
  • Supports ethics reform and pro-science 
The choice is clear.