Rob Portman vs Ted Strickland

Ohio deserves a Senator who is guided by the best available science. 

Rob Portman is evasive on climate change saying, "he's not sure how much of a factor human activity is in global warming." And he has tried to prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, which would undermine international agreements, such as the Paris Climate agreement signed by nearly every country in the world. In contrast, Ted Strickland will follow the science and take actions to build the clean energy economy of the future.

Rob Portman OPPOSE
  • Voted to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. (Despite the fact that 74% of Ohio residents believe we should regulate CO2 as a pollutant.) The Supreme Court has confirmed that it is the EPA's right to regulate pollutants such as greenhouse gases. 
  • Opposes climate legislation and even modest changes such as improving vehicle fuel economy. Improved fuel economy standards are saving Ohio residents money and reducing pollution.
  • Opposes tax credits for encouraging renewable energy -- while voting repeatedly to protect tax breaks for large oil and gas companies.
Ted Strickland SUPPORT
  • Will listen to scientists and work to address, "the most important challenges of our century—our changing climate," while also focusing on job growth and economic opportunity.
  • As Governor oversaw ambitious renewable and advanced energy standards to stimulate jobs in the energy industry and bring predictable electricity rates to Ohio businesses and residents. He says, "it worked: Ohioans saved more than $1 billion on their electricity bills and over 25,000 advanced-energy manufacturing jobs were created. In fact, on my watch, Ohio created more green jobs than any other state."