Richard Burr vs Deborah Ross

North Carolina deserves a Senator who is guided by the best available science. 

Richard Burr is an extremist who denies the well-established scientific consensus of human-caused climate change and who doesn't think science should be considered when planning coastal projects (despite the fact that North Carolina is experiencing sea level rise). He is wildly out of step with North Carolina residents, 75% of whom think the U.S. should regulate CO2 as a pollutant. His reelection would put global efforts, such as the Paris climate agreement signed by 195 countries, at risk

Richard Burr OPPOSE
  • A climate change denier who voted against this statement: "it is the sense of Congress that -- (1) climate change is real; and (2) human activity contributes to climate change."
  • Voted to try to stop the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Favors offshore oil drilling, putting the coast of North Carolina at risk of oil spills.
  • Voted against incentives for clean energy and transportation -- while voting to subsidize oil and gas exploration.
  • Voted against factoring global warming into federal project planning. 
Deborah Ross SUPPORT
  • During her time in the state legislature, Ross voted repeatedly to increase clean energy, address climate change, and protect North Carolina’s land, air and water. 
  • A forceful critic of an ill-conceived North Carolina law to ban the state from basing coastal policies on the latest scientific predictions of how much the sea level will rise. She compared it to burying one's "head in the sand."
  • Ross has been a longtime champion for North Carolina, working to grow the clean energy economy and protecting public health. For instance,  she worked with renewable energy companies to get certified by the Utilities Commission, benefiting the economy and creating jobs.
  • Opposes offshore oil drilling off the North Carolina coast.