Mission Statement

For U.S. Senator for Colorado, November 2016 Congressional Elections

I want my ideas to start a democratic revolution so that the American people can claw back the governance of the country from the 1% elite and empower the voice and the will of the majority of Americans to be heard.

                Lawyers have brought the country to it's knees,  the lawyers, lawyer/bankers, lawyer/politicians and lawyer/judges are have turned politics into a racket where he who has the most money wins.
Who are the lawyers Read more

 Lawyers/Bankers if you pay a mortgage or interest on borrowed money, remember that money you pay interest on is imaginary. Read more

Lawyers and the divorce industry and racketeering when families are most vulnerable. Read more


I want to bring our troops home and stop trying to rule the world, not just some of them, all of them. 

                The world is full of injustices on many continents, but, it's time we stopped funding the interests of big oil and arms manufacturers. 

                America has it's plate full taking care of security within our boarders and our first order of business is to care for our returning veterans and recognize that when they are damaged due to their service they need, and we need to, make THAT our number one priority of our defense department.



I want to bring industry back to the U.S. 

                If industry is not willing to manufacture their products in the USA they shouldn't be able to sell these products here without significant import duties, whose revenues generated, are steered directly back into manufacturing in the USA. 

                The country has a healthy populace, work force, and will work, and participate in their own business successes.  Jobs in America, for Americans, manufactured in America, by Americans.

If we want jobs in America we must buy American made products, (or do we simply hide our carbon footprint in China disguised as China pollution while they produce our goods in a second rate, highly polluting manner) Read more



About health care, Canada has a nationwide health care system. 

                Well unlike the USA; Canada doesn't have a military to support and lives under the defense bubble of the U.S. at no cost. 

                We could afford a much better health care system if we weren't wasting so much money playing international politics; maybe if Canada pitched in and we billed Canada for its share of our defense budget we'd be able to afford health care too. Read more



Y también , sé lo que se siente al haber nacido en otro país y los problemas de las personas de otros países que hablan español




These ideas don't need the votes from the 1%. There are enough Americans who don't vote to change the face of government,  most Americans know more about who they are voting against than who they are voting for; vote for what you believe in, let's start the democratic revolution.  Register today, and vote tomorrow.

U.S. Senate, Colorado 2014

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