Vote for Antoni Grochowski

Provincial Elections, Monday, April 23rd, 2012

for MLA Calgary-Acadia in the next provincial election

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Alberta is one of the most prosperous provinces in Canada. While we have our successes, we must take action now to ensure our prosperity is sustainable for future generations. A key point to achieving this is promoting environmentally sustainable practices, and every sector of our economy can take steps to achieve this. For example, as a registered architect I take care to make quality designs that are energy efficient, knowing that the added cost of installing technologies such as solar panels is offset by lower energy bills and reduced greenhouse
gases. Recycling and taking other steps to reduce household waste are also excellent ways for inner city residents like myself to promote a sustainable Alberta. As a father who raised two children single-handed following the premature death of my wife, I understand the challenges that many families in Alberta face. Rising costs of education and household expenses are challenges that face many families in Alberta. Supporting Alberta’s working families must be a priority for the government of Alberta. Reducing poverty and promoting education will ensure an active citizenry in Alberta. Promoting equitable employment and ‘green jobs’ initiatives are priorities for the EverGreen Party that will prove valuable to Alberta families and future generations. Alberta has already developed excellent programs such as e-waste recycling, and there is room to expand the green labour force. The Evergreen platform represents the many values of Canadian society that make me a proud citizen. I immigrated here over thirty years ago from Poland. Values such as promotion of diversity and democracy in society are ones I truly appreciate. I have volunteered for many years with Immigrant services Calgary, and for the various Polish and Finnish cultural associations. Tolerance and a commitment to non-violence are central principles of the Evergreen party, and these can be achieved by sustainable community initiatives.