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^Joanna Loehr, PT Leader Jan 19, 2011

10 reasons to pass Prop. 1

Here are 10 reasons to vote for transit, Prop. 1:

1. Transportation represents the largest energy sponge in Jefferson County. In the 2005 survey, transportation by motor vehicles was found to be responsible for 39 percent of our greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

2. Long-distance travel is the biggest culprit. Taking public transit to Seattle, the airport and ferries saves money, fuel and CO2 emissions.

3. Approving Prop. 1 will increase long- distance service by adding weekday service to Kingston. If Prop. 1 fails, all Sunday service will be canceled.

4. As fossil fuel resources become scarcer and more expensive, more and more of us will need to rely on public transportation. Now is the time to build it up and keep it going.

5. All those folks who can’t drive need public transit now. Transit (including Dial-A-Ride) makes it possible for the elderly and disabled to live in their own homes.

6. Transit makes it possible for students to attend classes at alternative schools and colleges, as well as after-school activities. Transit service will be crucial to the proposed college expansion at Fort Worden.

7. Transit makes it possible for many employees to get to work. Replacements for Vanpool vehicles and aging buses are dependent on passage of Prop. 1.

8. Bicyclists can take their bikes on the bus for commuting to work or for long-distance outings. They benefit from Sunday transit service, too.

9. All of us can benefit from the large number of routes and destinations encompassed by public transit. See examples at JeffersonCAN.org and give it a try.

10. Public transit is an essential component of a just and sustainable community.

JOANNA LOEHR Port Townsend