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^Hannah Russell, PT Leader, Jan 12, 2011

Transit system a vital link to services


I’m a bus rider. For 12 years I’ve traveled on Jefferson Transit around town, to Sequim and Port Angeles, to Kitsap County and beyond. Yes, I can and do drive, but at 71 I know that I and my peers (or people of any age) might at any time become solely dependent upon the bus to get to work, medical care, library, store and church. My daughter, for instance, is one among many who commutes to her work in Seattle.


In-town buses collect and deposit riders along their routes so they may at certain points appear underutilized to non-riders. Once I questioned why Jefferson Transit had no smaller buses for in-town use to avoid this faulty assumption. The answer was simple. This is a small system; transit needs big buses for commuter routes to Kitsap and Clallam counties (when buses are filled), and the same buses have to do double duty in town. That made absolute sense.


Ask whatever questions you have – of drivers, administration, CAC or transit board – they’ll give you a prompt and sensible answer. Our bus system is a vital link with needed services for so many in our town and will be even more so in the future.


This year and last, I bought a yearlong pass based on my confidence in Jefferson Transit. I hope voters will show a similar confidence in our bus system and in its necessity by voting “yes” for a very small sales tax increase in February.