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^Brenda McMillan, PT Leader, Dec 29, 2010

Tax levy would preserve freedom


Did you know that transit’s sole sources of funding are sales tax, bus fares, and state and federal grants? Transit fares add approximately 6 percent to the revenue.


Transit used to be funded by part of the tax on auto licensing fees. Then Tim Eyman persuaded voters that all cars (regardless of cost) should be taxed equally, and transit lost a substantial funding source.


Now transit is faced with a decrease in sales tax revenue and increasing costs for diesel fuel.


I voted for the state income tax last November; it is ridiculous that transit has to rely on a regressive tax like sales tax.


Without a sales tax increase, transit will have to cut about 100 hours of service on the road. This will mean no more Sunday service; Sunday is a busy day for Dial-a-Ride riders.


For the disabled, Dial-a-Ride allows the housebound a measure of freedom.


Please vote for the tax levy to preserve this freedom for the car-less public.