Vote for Jefferson Transit
Thank you voters!
With 53.36% of the ballots in, these are the results on the evening of 2/8/2011:
Yes.....  6.443 votes     55.95%
No......  5,073 votes     44.05%
Q:  What is the Transit Ballot Measure?
A:  A proposal to add 3/10ths of a cent to the sales tax in Jefferson County to support transit services.
Q:  When do we vote?
A:  The ballots were mailed on January 19, 2011. They are due back postmarked by February 8, 2011, 5:00 PM. There are several places to drop off your ballot: 1. Drop box behind the County Courthouse in PT; 2. Auditor's Office, Courthouse in PT; 3. Drop box at the Jefferson County Library.

Q:  What will this cost me?

A:  Approval of this proposition adds 30 cents to a $100.00 purchase.  One latte for every thousand dollars.  And remember, sales taxes apply not just to local residents.  Transit makes us more able to serve tourists and other visitors, and in turn and their purchases help support that system.  Everyone benefits.
(no tax on groceries or prescription drugs.)


Q:  How will the money be used?

A:  This will close a budget gap of $300,000 in 2011, provide protection against anticipated fuel cost increases, enable the system to establish prudent reserves, and ensure sufficient resources for local shares of major capital grants.  Present services will be preserved and the system will have flexibility to consider service changes when appropriate, such as coordinating with ferry services to Seattle and other east Sound destinations. 


Q:  Can't we just raise the fares?

A:  Like all public transit services, ours receives only a small portion of its revenues through the fare box (~7% of budget).  And fares were already increased recently.  Care must be taken to ensure that fares are kept affordable and that they do not drive away more customers than the increased fare revenue would produce.  Our fares are comparable to those in neighboring counties. 


Q:  Why not cut costs?

A:  Costs have already been cut.  Non-contract employees have had wages frozen for two years now, and mandatory non-paid furloughs have increased savings from this source.  The new union contract just completed contains zero increase in wages for the next year and only one percent the year after.  Service contracts and other expenses have been eliminated or reduced as much as possible. 


Q:  What happens if this doesn't pass?

A:  Without increased revenues the system will have to eliminate all Sunday service, including both fixed route and Dial-A-Ride.  Frequency of service will have to be cut by an average of more than 20%.  Acquisition of new buses scheduled for 2012 will have to be deferred or cancelled, foregoing an 80% federal grant, while the existing fleet continues to age to and beyond its anticipate life.  And workforce reductions will be essential; at least four and as many as six people will lose their jobs.



  • Admiralty Audubon
  • Make Waves
  • DASH
  • Board of County Commissioners
  • The Friends of Kah Tai
  • OLYcap
  • Gatheringplace
  • and many citizens and riders. See comments below.
Get Out The Vote Calling:
Where:  181 Quincy St, Port Townsend
When:   Sat, Feb 5, 12 noon- 4:00 pm
What:   Bring your charged up cell phone and charger

Who:    People who care about Transit!

This is the bus that Jefferson Transit will get if we can pass Prop 1.

They have a grant to get 4 of these. And they need to replace their older buses.

Low Floor Bus                    Overall Length          30'

Turning Radius        29'

Seating Max              28

Overall Height          115"      

Overall Width                        102"

Front Step Height                15"

Wheel Chair Ramp Size     31" x 47.5"

Front Door Size                    40" x 80"

Rear Door Size                     34" x 80"

Q:  Who uses Transit?
A:  Jefferson Transit provides over 350,000 rides each year, and usage is growing.
  • Commuters going to and from work are the greatest portion of transit riders. Buses are full of men and women who don't want to deal with the hassles and expense of commuting by car.
  • Seniors or Students who don't have cars or can't drive for a number of reasons. People of limited means rely on transit to help meet the needs of daily life -- getting to appointments, shopping, meeting friends, going to the library or school.
  • People concerned about the environment use transit as the "greenest" way of getting around!
  • West End residents of Jefferson County are particularly reliant on transit service that links their scattered settlements to Clallam and Gray's Harbor Counties.
  • Jefferson Transit has connections to other transit services: to Poulsbo, the Bainbridge Island Ferry, King County Metro and Sea-Tac Airport;  from Brinnon to Mason County; and west to Clallam and Grays Harbor Counties.
  • People with limited mobility rely on transit's Dial-A-Ride service for essential trips.
  • Last but not least, YOU use transit.  Even if you never set foot on a bus, transit serves us all by reducing congestion, making auto travel smoother and easier.  You use transit by enjoying the environmental benefits it delivers.  You use transit every time a friend or relative gets on a bus to participate in the vibrant life of Jefferson County.  Without the buses our community would be a lot less friendly, and we would all suffer. 

Q:  What can I do to help?
A:  Spread the word- tell your friends & coworkers.
  • Write a letter to the editor (Leader or PDN) -see sidebar for Letters that have been written by citizens on different ways that transit affects them.
  • If you live or own property on a busy road, put up a yard sign
  • Vote YES on Transit- Proposition 1
  • Donate. Send checks to:
Jefferson County Residents for Transit
1044 Water St., # 365
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Tim Caldwell- Campaign manager 301-1737