Vos & Frankel

Vos & Frankel is Marlinde Vos and Karin Frankel. We both graduated from the Modern Theater Dance Department in Amsterdam. Vos & Frankel is a contemporary dance performance duo established in 2013. We are specialized in performing our work on location. Vos & Frankel engages in researching the meeting point between movement, voice and rhythm. During our performances we aim to create a playful setting, where the border between the audience and the performer disappears. We create our performances based on honest, vulnerable and humorous situations from daily life.  


Vos & Frankel's work is not only for an experienced contemporary dance eye, but also for those who might never have come across the genre before. We strive to perform on surprising locations such as a library, a park, a church or a museum and challenge our selves by choosing a new location each time.

We invite the audience to interact and to be a part of our performance which can create a two way communication. For us it is important that our audience is mobile. Giving them the possibility to watch us from different perspectives. Such as far away, close by, standing and sitting. This way, we hope to create an unstrained atmosphere.   

Two Tall To Tango

Like a lego construction, our bodies unite and become one. It's strange but it fits. An architectural construction of two bodies in a space with endless possibilities. Two generous tall ladies, and you are invited to follow. Follow a path, a pattern (a deconstructed tango). Rhythm and voice are united inviting you recognize. The pleasure of sharing our view with the audience, the pleasure of standing out in a crowd. This thing of being tall, it gives a certain status and from here we look more precise. Tall we stand strong. Maybe.