2009 Shop Tour (Cobey Creek Barn)

This is my barn shop as it was in 2009; I was soon hard at work building a new one before the snow flew.  We built this "barn" in 2004, it basically started out as a pole building and we later sheathed it in OSB.  It was great during the summer, but very drafty and fairly pointless to insulate.  This is why I built a more weather proof and heatable shop closer to the house.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pics, which include a tour of my vises (a blacksmith can never have enough) and thanks for delving into the past with me!  Click on any of the captions for a bigger picture and further explanation... (My apologies if any of these links have no images. Page is no longer a work in progress.)
Oh, and click Here to see a few pics of other little shops I have worked in.  (Maui mostly.)    
Update:  Here it is.  A short tour of my new shopNew Shop Tour.  Also, here are some pictures of the shop being built in the snow.  Brrr.  Building  the shop.



 12" Hollow Grinder

Clean buffer 
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