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Currently Available: 7" Santoku in Burl steel and Box elder Burl wood.

Up for sale is my latest santoku.  The blade is a random/burl pattern in 1080/15n20, left pretty hard, and the handle is stabilized box elder burl with a mortised construction.
The blade features a full flat grind in the upper 2/3, the lower third being mildly convexed to zero at the edge before sharpening.
The spine and back of the heel are fully rounded for comfort.

Stats are as follows:
Blade length, 7"
Overall length, 11.5"
Heel height, 2.1"
Total weight, 6 oz.
Spine at handle, .100"

Asking price for this knife is $450 plus shipping.

Here's pics and a vid!

Apollo Santoku