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These are some of the knives that I have built over the past few years.
Please enjoy looking them over, and click on the link below any
picture to enlarge the image and view an explanation/heading for each.
None of the knives pictured in the galleries are available for sale, as they
 have been sold or are part of my personal collection.  However, should
 you like any of these designs especially, I can easily replicate
 or modify any of them to your taste.


              White Rabbet  
TI Framelock 
Ivory Slippard 
 G2G Julep
G2G Green
Cable Kaneohe 

             Black Ghost 




            Green  Man
        Sambar Integral 
            Black Uhuru   
      W/Natural Sheath
        W/Black Sheath
  Cobey Creek Bowie #1



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