Knifemaking Links

I will list these links according the basic categories they fall into, as I see them.  Many makers have excellent tutorial materials on their websites, so if I want to stress the value of a given maker's site for it's tutorial materials, I will list it as a "knowledge" link.
Links to Knowledge, Tutorials:
Don Fogg's site recently went offline.  It has been archived however, and saved on the web.  Here is the link to Don's archived site.  There is SO much wonderful info here, on everything from grinders to forges to presses- as well as pics of Don's amazing knives.
Don's site.

This is one huge link to a links page already compiled by Dan Gray.  Lots of good stuff here, from materials suppliers to tutorials on a wide range of techniques.   
Here is a link to an awesome site that is still under construction.  I already like the material presented, it is ambitious in scope and will be a wonderful reference when finished.  Rob "Deker" Dekelbaum's Damascus information website:
As far as I am concerned, the motherlode of knifemaking knowledge on the net, and a great community of makers big and small, obscure and famous.
A legend in the knifemaking community, sadly no longer with us but living on through this great tutorial website.  Excellent information and step by step details and shop tricks for all parts of stock removal knifemaking.
Great Blacksmithing/bladesmithing sites, educational and otherwise:
The #1 blacksmithing site on the net, and with reason: the sheer amount of work and passion that Guru Jock Dempsey and many other contributors have poured into this site's wealth of information over the years.  You can teach yourself how to forge steel here.
Primarily a great source for forge burners, refractories, and forge building knowledge, this is a great place to get some hard to find materials at reasonable prices.  Larry Zoeller is a pleasure to deal with, as well.
It's hard to decide whether to group this site as bladesmithing, knowledge, or knifemaker, since it's so fascinating on all accounts.  Go here for a wealth of knowledge about Japanese bladesmithing, including how to make tamahagane.
Jesus Hernandez' website:
This is the man I first learned to build my own forges/burners from.  An excellent and valuable resource, and a very interesting website as well.  When ABANA agrees to host your website, you know you're good! 
This is an awesome website devoted to teaching the art of blacksmithing. You have to check out their instructional videos, both on their site and posted on youtube.
Links to Suppliers:
Rob Frink's site, the inventor and sole manufacturer of the marvellous KMG belt grinder.  Also a supplier of motors, drives, contact and idler wheels, and disc grinders.
A large abrasives, machinery, and general knife materials supplier.  The home of Burr King grinders.
A very comprehensive supplier of almost everything.  You may be able to find better prices on some things elsewhere, but Jantz Supply is really one stop shopping.
Home of Tracy Mickley, who sells plans for the "No Weld Grinder."  Also a well known and liked knife supply store with a wide range of tools and materials.  Prices are reasonable.
This is another great knifemaker's supply house.  As the name suggests, it's a grassroots type of business, but keeps a good stock and has a loyal customer base.
Yet one more knife specific tools and materials supplier.  These guys will sometimes have good deals on handle materials that can't be found elsewhere, such as desert ironwood.
Links to Knifemaker's Websites:
Ken Onion's website, you know who that is already, no doubt.  Good pictures of very nice knives. a forum, and info about Ken and his work.
An up - and - coming young Canadian maker....