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            Welcome to Promethean Knives!  My name is Salem Straub and I am a custom knife maker, blacksmith, and the resident bladesmith of this site. If you would like to see pictures of my shop, my knives and hand-forged work, or read more of what I am all about, please feel free to explore around my site.  If you would like to comment on my site or my knives, or have any questions, please hit "Contact Me" here or in the navigation bar.  The "Shop Techniques" link contains some tutorials and explanations of different processes I use to make my knives.  This site is always under light construction so check back in once in a while to see new work posted and for articles about knifework.
            If you are interested in buying a knife from me or looking at what I have currently for sale, the "Knives Available for Sale" link will take you there.
Update, April 9th, 2013:

I have decided to no longer take custom orders. Still making knives, though!

I just need a break from making the same knives over and over, and I don't like having a long wait list. I feel that to move on to new knives, ideas, and skills, I need to follow my muse where it takes me. I'll be fulfilling current orders, then making whatever interests me.

Great thanks to all my custom orderers, it's been very rewarding working with all of you. I still can't believe I get paid to do this!

Keep on the lookout for different stuff, more damascus and advanced integrals, that I'll post when I catch up with my backlog.

         If you like what you see here, and wish to link to my page on your site, please do so.  It will be a great help to me as I am currently near the bottom of a large heap of knife related websites in Google search results!
           Thanks for stopping by.
This is me in 2010 forging an integral skinner from 1" W1 round stock.
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