Student and postdoctoral opportunities

There are many opportunities for graduate studies and postdoctoral training in my laboratory group.  We are not a huge group, but are interested in growing.  You can see what my recent students are doing and have done.

If the range of research looks interesting, and our setting at Florida International University, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, and abroad looks appealing, contact me.
Not all opportunities and projects are posted yet, so contacting me is the best way to learn more. 

FIU grants MSC and PhDs in Biological Sciences:

One of our most exciting opportunities is a joint PhD program with Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and University of Miami.  Fairchild is a leading center for tropical plant conservation, and the joint program presents a range of unique opportunities.

We have a range of funding opportunities for students, ranging from external fellowships to teaching assistantships.  Students must identify a faculty sponsor before applying, and meet the program requirements for the Msc and PhD programs.    

I value fit very highly in recruiting new lab members, keeping my group quite small and cohesive.  We use a range of techniques, from genomics to field approaches, and work in some remote locations.  We do collaborate very widely, given our interest in utilizing emerging tools from genomics to better understand evolutionary ecology.  Part of the fit for students and postdoctoral scholars with my laboratory is interacting with other laboratory groups.  Check out the other faculty at FIU and my collaborators on our feed the future innovation lab for chickpea (currently under construction - this link will take you to the site of Doug Cook's lab at UC Davis, our primary collaborator in our chickpea work).