Eric von Wettberg

A brief CV

Education and Employment

 Assistant Professor 2010-

 Florida International University, Biological Sciences

 Conservation Geneticist  2010-

 Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, Center for Tropical Plant Conservation 

 Visiting Research Professor 2011

 Ecole Nactional Superieure Agronomique de Toulouse, France

 Postdoctoral Researcher  2007-2009

   NIH NRSA fellow, UC Davis Ecology and Evolution

      · Advisors: Maureen Stanton, co-advised by Sergey Nuzhdin, Doug Cook

      · Genomics of stress tolerance in plants


Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution June 2007

Brown University, Providence, RI

  • Dissertation Advisor: Johanna Schmitt
  • Dissertation Title:  Landscape genetics and local adaptation in Impatiens capensis


 Fulbright Fellow and Rotary Ambassorial Scholar                                       1999-2000

  Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Advisor: Dr. Jacob Weiner
  • Project title: Using crop density and spatial planting pattern to suppress weeds in organic cereal crops



Selected Grants and Fellowships

USAID Feed the Future Program  2013-2018

A Reverse Introgression approach to creating climate resilient chickpea (Co-PI, PI DR Cook)

National Science Foundation, Plant Genome Program   2013-2017

Deducing the Genomic Footprint and Functional Impact of Chickpea Domestication on Nitrogen Fixation (co-PI, DR PI DR Cook)

USDA Kika De La Garza Fellowship (Declined)  2014

Training Fellowship for faculty at Hispanic Serving Institutions.

 HHMI Faculty Teaching Fellow   2012-2013

Improvement of Undergraduate Evolution Teaching at Florida International

 NSF Plant Genome Research Program  2008

 Genomics of salinity tolerance in desert Medicago Truncatula

PI S. Nuzhdin, UC Davis based lead Co-PI with D. Cook, S Strauss, M. Friesen

 NIH National Research Service Award   2007-2009

Genomics of Nickel tolerance in Arabidopsis lyrata


Publications and Presentations

Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Warschefsky, EJ, Penmetsa RV, Cook DR, and von Wettberg EJ  Back to the wilds: tapping evolutionary adaptations for resilient crops through systematic hybridization with crop wild relatives, American Journal of Botany, in press

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