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Eric von Wettberg

A brief CV

Education and Employment

   Assistant Professor                                                                                            2010-

    Florida International University, Biological Sciences

   Conservation Geneticist                                                                                    2010-

   Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, Center for Tropical Plant Conservation

   Postdoctoral Researcher                                                                                  2007-2009

   NIH NRSA fellow, UC Davis Ecology and Evolution

      · Advisors: Maureen Stanton, co-advised by Sergey Nuzhdin, Doug Cook

      · Genomics of stress tolerance in plants


   Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution                                                                           June 2007

Brown University, Providence, RI

  • Dissertation Advisor: Johanna Schmitt
  • Dissertation Title:  Landscape genetics and local adaptation in Impatiens capensis


  Fulbright Fellow and Rotary Ambassorial Scholar                                       1999-2000

  Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Advisor: Dr. Jacob Weiner
  • Project title: Using crop density and spatial planting pattern to suppress weeds in organic cereal crops



Selected Grants and Fellowships

·         NSF Plant Genome Research Program                                                     2008

      Genomics of salinity tolerance in desert Medicago Truncatula

      PI S. Nuzhdin, UC Davis based lead Co-PI with D. Cook, S Strauss, M. Friesen

·         NSF International Research and Education Planning Grant                  2008

Genomics of salinity tolerance in Medicago truncatula in Tunisia

PI S. Nuzhdin, Co-PI with D. Cook, S Strauss, M. Friesen.

·         NIH National Research Service Award                                             2007-2009

   Genomics of Nickel tolerance in Arabidopsis lyrata

·         NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant                                        2004

               Local adaptation and landscape genetics of plastic shade avoidance responses in Impatiens capensis

·         EPA STAR Graduate Fellowship                                                      2004-2007

               Landscape genetics of escaped ornamental Impatiens


Publications and Presentations

Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Anten, N.P.R., von Wettberg, E.J., Pawlowski, M., and Huber, H. (2009) Interactive effects of spectral shading and mechanical stress on the expression and costs of shade avoidance.  American Naturalist, 173:241-255.

Turner T.L., von Wettberg E.J., Nuzhdin S.V. (2008) Genomic analysis of differentiation between soil types reveals candidate genes for local adaptation in Arabidopsis lyrata. PLoS ONE 3(9): e3183. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003183

von Wettberg, E.J. Remington, D.L. and Schmitt, J. 2008. Partitoning adaptation differentiation across a patchy landscape: Shade avoidance traits in Impatiens capensis. Evolution, 62, 654–667.

Tabak, N., and von Wettberg, E.J., 2008. Native and introduced Impatiens of the Northeast:  parallel introductions and global spread of temperate jewelweeds. Northeastern Naturalist, 15: 159-176.

von Wettberg, E.J. and Schmitt, J.  2005. An experimental separation of stem and leaf shade avoidance responses in Impatiens capensis. American Journal of Botany, 92: 868-874.

von Wettberg, E.J. Huber, H. and Schmitt, J.  2005. Interacting effects of microsite quality, plasticity, and dispersal distance from the parental site on fitness in a natural population of Impatiens capensis.  Evolutionary Ecology Research.  7: 531-548

* Gravuer, K. von Wettberg, E.J. and Schmitt, J. 2005. Population differentiation and genetic variation inform translocation decisions for Liatris scariosa var. novae-angliae, a rare New England grassland perennial. Biological Conservation, 124: 155-167.                                    

         * Undergraduate mentored publication

von Wettberg, E.J. and Weiner, J. 2004. Effects of distance to crop rows and to conspecific neighbours on the Size of Brassica napus and Veronica persica weeds. Basic and Applied Ecology, 5: 34-41.

Huber, H. Kane, N. Heschel, M.S. von Wettberg, E.J. Banta, J. Leuck A. and Schmitt, J. 2004.  Frequency and microenvironmental pattern of selection on plastic shade avoidance traits in a natural population of Impatiens capensis.  American Naturalist, 163: 548-563.

von Wettberg, E.J. and Weiner, J. 2003. Nutrient heterogeneity does not make belowground competition size-asymmetric in glasshouse populations of Triticum aestivum. Plant Ecology. 169: 85-92.

Richards, M. H. von Wettberg, E.J. and Rutgers A. 2003. A novel social polymorphism in a primitively eusocial Hymenopteran. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, 100: 7175-7180.

* Gravuer, K. von Wettberg, E.J. and Schmitt, J. 2003. Dispersal biology of Liatris scariosa var. novae-angliae (Asteraceae), a rare New England grassland perennial.  American Journal of Botany. 90: 1159-1167.             

        * Undergraduate mentored publication