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We have moved to a new location on the web: http://ericvonwettberg.wix.com/laboratory and http://www.uvm.edu/~pss/?Page=faculty/facultybishopvonwettberg.php, and to a new University.  We are now located at the University of Vermont, in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. This is no longer our most current site, so please follow links above to the sites we actively maintain.

We study crop genetics and evolutionary ecology.  We primarily study the diversity of crop wild relatives, specifically chickpea, lentil, and other legumes.  However our interests are broad, encompassing agroecology and conservation as well as ecology and evolution.  We are interested in understanding how plants tolerate environmental stress, how stress tolerance evolves, and how variation in tolerance affects interactions with other organisms.  I encourage the use of a broad range of tools from genomics and next-generation sequencing to physiology to field biology, and collaborate widely to test hypotheses in a number of ecological communities - many in beautiful exotic places.  

Much of our work on wild chickpea occurs in Turkey and Ethiopia.  Our work is part of a Feed the Future Innovation lab for chickpea.  We also have involved in active projects with mango, and North American Medicago species.  In the past we have worked on salt tolerance in Medicago truncatula, a near relative of alfalfa. We retain an interest in how soil and climate affect the relationship of Medicago with its microbial partners, and have new interests in improving legume forages useful in Vermont.

You can see more about the approaches we take to harness the diversity of crop wild relatives to improve the climatic resilience of crops in this tedx talk.

See our publications by cv or google scholar, or find us on science social media: academia.edu profile or ResearchGate Profile

Interested in postdoctoral opportunities or graduate school?  I have opportunities for you.  

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