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von Wettberg conservation genetics laboratory

I am an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at Florida International University and a conservation geneticist at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

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We study conservation genetics.  I define that broadly, since conservation requires all the tools we can muster.  I have broad interests in understanding how plant tolerate environmental stress, how stress tolerance evolves, and how variation in tolerance affects interactions with other organisms.  But I am particularly interested in the factors that allow plants to tolerate - and be restricted to- unique soil types.  I encourage the use of a broad range of tools from genomics to physiology to field biology, and collaborate widely to test hypotheses in a number of ecological communities - many in beautiful exotic places.  I will be welcoming to my lab a broad range of students and postdoctoral researchers.

One area of work is on salt tolerance in Medicago truncatula, a near relative of alfalfa. We are developing new projects on rhizobial partner choice and local adaptation in chickpea, and on the conservation of rare plants in South Florida and the Caribbean. 

Look at new places I plan to work once arriving at FIU - Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, the Everglades, and extreme soils in the Carribean.  We will be applying genomic tools to understand patterns of diversification and rarity among plants in these areas.

Interested in postdoctoral opportunities or graduate school?  I have opportunities for you.  Look for contact info off of my sites at FIU and FTBG listed above

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